All through the Gospel narratives, the Jesus we most typically encounter is one particular of sort and encouraging words delivered with a divinely-inspired and gentle grace, purposeful poise, radical hospitality, and an unconditional like — which is why it can be startling to study lots of of his interactions with the religious leaders of his day.

Jesus wasn’t good to them.

He referred to as them names: hypocrites white-washed tombs, complete of rotting corpses unwashed dishes serpents a brood of vipers murderers. He even referred to as them “children of the devil.”

He challenged their God-idea inside the public square and warned other individuals not to comply with in their wicked footsteps. He mocked their prayers as “meaningless repetition,” and challenged each their integrity and capacity to make a distinction in between what is morally correct and incorrect, or to even speak something worthwhile to the men and women.

You brood of vipers, how can you, getting evil, speak what is superior?” ( Matthew 12:34)

Jesus accused his modern religious leaders of generating and employing heavy burdens on men and women which they themselves had been either unable or unwilling to comply with, warning the crowds not to emulate their hypocrisy. He referred to as out their motivation to feigned and self-righteous piety as practically nothing extra than a wish for public recognition and a hope place not in the God of Abraham, but rather in their positions of prestige and their coveted seats of energy and honor.

He told the religious authorities their attempts at proselytizing merely created people “twice as a great deal a kid of hell” as themselves. In one particular story, Jesus even has himself a “Temple Tantrum,” taking the time to make a bull-whip which he utilised to interrupt the religious leaders although zealously operating the animals of sacrifice out of the region, flipping more than tables, and pouring their ill-gotten sacramental coinage out onto the floor.

He stated they turned the holy location of prayer into a “den of thieves.”

Jesus wasn’t pulling any punches.

Neither need to we.

Substantially ink has been spilt analyzing the reality that an overwhelming 81% of white American evangelicals voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 — and just more than two years into his very first term, an astonishing majority continue to pledge their allegiance to the president. Trump enjoys a favorability rating almost double the rest of the nation amongst white evangelicals, which make up the majority of his GOP’s #MAGA base.

Regardless of a litany of what lots of previously hoped would be moral deal breakers for the celebration after described as, “the celebration of family members values” (such as his braggadocious admission to sexual assault in the Access Hollywood tapes, the confirmed hush-cash-payments to cover up his adulterous affair with a porn star, and at least two dozen credible accusations of rape and other sexual misconduct, and so on.), Trump continues to reap the positive aspects of an virtually cult-like assistance from the voting bloc which traces its roots to the 1980s Moral Majority movement.

The echoes of that era’s cries to “Make America Good Once more!” come aligned with a renewed, emboldened, and even blatant racism. From Trump’s imagined Obama-birther-ism conspiracy, to announcing his personal presidential campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “murderers and rapists,” to hailing tiki-torch-toting Nazis in Charlottesville as “very fine men and women,” culminated this week in his tweeted attacks of 4 freshman Democratic Congresswomen of colour to ‘Go back’ exactly where they came from, Trump’s propensity to pander to white supremacists is practically nothing new.

His lack of compassion to the plight of migrant households from Central America at the country’s southern border is now accompanied by sworn testimony of the horrific circumstances in the detention camps from journalists and government representatives alike, along with irrefutable photos, court documents, Congressional testimony, and all sorts of definitive proof of innocent young young children and toddlers lacking even fundamental sanitary circumstances or care. This, on the heels of getting forcibly removed from their parents and guardians and housed below armed guard on overcrowded concrete floors surrounded by chain-hyperlink fencing as a outcome of the “Zero-Tolerance Policy” enforced by the administration.

As I assessment the president’s executive orders, his press interviews, and every day Twitter feed although simultaneously reading the supportive reactions from people inside my personal religious tradition of Evangelicalism, I’m reminded of a further seemingly harsh saying from Jesus:

“Whoever receives a kid in My name receives Me but whoever causes one particular of these tiny ones to stumble, it would be greater for them to have a heavy millstone tied about their neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the seas” (Matthew 18:six).

Damn. Appears a bit harsh.

So could this — but it is completely acceptable and probably essential to stay clear of confusion more than what it indicates to be a follower of Christ. One particular merely can not be a follower of the life, teachings, and instance of Jesus and also assistance Donald J. Trump and his policies.

It is just not feasible.

Whilst most typically a unifying figure, the Jesus of the scriptures was downright divisive with regards to his willingness to stand up against bigotry and religious hypocrisy, and equally steadfast in his commitment to standing in solidarity with the marginalized and the oppressed. Imputed with divine wisdom, Christ was deeply devoted to defending the defenseless, and seemed completely comfy with calling out the basic errors identified in what he described as the faithsignificantly less teachings of the religious leaders of his day.

If we are unwilling to do the exact same, how dare we get in touch with ourselves followers of Christ?Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. after stated, “So typically the modern church is a weak, ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound. So typically it is an arch-defender of the status quo. Far from getting disturbed by the presence of the church, the energy structure of the typical neighborhood is consoled by           the church’s silent — and typically even vocal — sanction of factors as they are.”

Even our secular institutions are performing extra. Lately, the United States Residence of Representatives voted to condemn Trump’s use of race-baiting language by a vote of 240 to187. Only 4 Republicans broke with their conservative colleagues and referred to as his racist attacks unacceptable, although other individuals such as Sen. Lindsey Graham obfuscated the context and rather directed his animosity toward the Congresswomen whom he described as “…a bunch of communists. They hate Israel. They hate our personal nation.”

In coming days, it appears we’re destined to repeat a familiar dynamic that has therefore far defined this administration in the midst of deep-seated partisan disagreement. Republicans will continue to claim the condemnation is clearly inspired by partisan politics and a Democratic celebration preoccupied with bitterness and hatred toward the president and nation. On the other side of the aisle, Democrats are actually going on-record providing a formal rebuke from Congress of a sitting president for the very first time in extra than 100 years, sending what one particular lawmaker referred to as “a message that the nation will not tolerate bigotry, racism, hate, xenophobia, Islamophobia.”

But what about white evangelicals?

Are Trump’s most significant and most staunch supporters prepared to abandon the teachings of the founder of their faith in favor of supporting the politics of this president? Will white evangelicals continue to turn a blind eye to his repetitive racist rhetoric and willfully voice their assistance of Trump?

Will they stay somewhat apathetic to the mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse — even deaths! — of immigrant young children confined to cages at our nation’s southern border merely since they do not have acceptable documentation?

Will these self-professing Christians carry on ad nauseam with their excuses of supporting Trump’s immoral actions and policies, regardless of their direct conflict with even the most easy and elementary teachings of the really Jesus they claim to comply with?

As unfortunate as it is unconscionable, it seems lots of are…and although saying so might not be common, and is probably to invite ample amounts of criticism and disagreement, it have to be stated once again: One particular merely can not be a follower of the life, teachings, and instance of Jesus and also assistance Donald J. Trump and his policies.

Primarily based on the red letters in the scriptures, I am convinced if Christ had been physically present, he also would join me in unleashing his harshest chastisement for these who hypocritically claim to comply with his teachings, but are seemingly marching in the opposite path.