God’s Eternal Love


Jeremiah 31:1-20

‘I’ve liked you
with an eternal love; I’ve drawn you with loving-kindness’
(Jeremiah 31:3). So usually, Lord, we have now been like ‘the prodigal son’
(Luke 15:11-24). We’ve walked away from Your Home. We’ve wandered
off into ‘the far nation.’ We really feel that we’re removed from You, but nonetheless
You draw close to to us. You, Lord, are at work in our hearts. You might be
bringing us ‘to our senses’. You might be reminding us of Your love. You might be
drawing us again to Your self. In love, You might be calling us house once more. You
are chatting with our hearts. You might be saying to us, ‘I’ve liked you
with an eternal love’. As Your love reaches our hearts, ‘the
prodigal son’ turns into ‘the returning son’: ‘Father, I’ve sinned
in opposition to heaven and in opposition to you. I’m now not worthy to be referred to as your
son’. ‘Deliver me again, let me come again, for you’re the Lord my God!’
(Jeremiah 31:18).


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