Receiving Your Subsequent Stage Activations and Non secular Presents

Spiritual Gifts from the Universe

Whereas meditating yesterday I had fairly the “ah-ha” second, in regards to the gateway opening we’re entering into, and what’s actually doable for us as people and humanity now.

Up till yesterday, I have been getting the message that we’re rising quickly as a collective now, and that rest and time in nature are key for integration…

Properly, yesterday in meditation I spotted the massive addition that the Universe is actually handing out presents now (and within the subsequent couple of weeks)…

Taking the time to loosen up, meditate, open your coronary heart, and lift your vibration brings you into alignment with the power to obtain them.

… To tune into the vibrational wavelength on which they’re being introduced to you.

As a result of it is not like we will simply leap away from bed, and run into the lounge to see what’s ready for us beneath a Christmas tree…

These presents are on a wholly new vibrational wavelength, and so we’re required to stand up and raise with a purpose to declare them.

How Do We “Rise Up” to Declare Our Presents?

Opening your coronary heart, shining your gentle, and vibrating because the woke up gentle being you authentically are permitting you to vibrationally obtain new activations and codes of awakening.

Entering into this new degree of vibration actually awakens the subsequent degree of your non secular presents…

I am not speaking in regards to the “psychic clairs”, or empathic means, or heightened instinct.

I am speaking about entering into a wholly new vibration of expertise. I am speaking about YOU experiencing realigning with the next degree of TRUTH.

And with this, you could be of larger service, know your highest path, and take huge leaps alongside the trail of aligning with and undertaking your true soul’s mission and goal.

Your guides, angels, larger selves, and the universe are reaching out to assist you in making this leap now.

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Make sure to quiet your thoughts, elevate your gentle, awaken the crystalline gentle of your coronary heart and attain up… o you possibly can “sync” with the brand new energies and step into the brand new degree of your gentle and awakening presents!

Elevate your gentle so you possibly can “sync” with the brand new energies and step into the brand new degree of your gentle and awakening presents!

The model new “Ascending With the Woke up Earth” session may also help you to make the hyperlink…

Time in nature, quieting the ego thoughts, tuning into your gentle physique, and extra totally awakening the sunshine of your coronary heart are additionally key.

One second at a time.

With love, gentle and blessings,

Melanie Beckler





P.S. Be open to receiving and launch the expectation of what is coming…

As a result of the presents are lovely, radiant, and doubtless fairly totally different than you anticipate!