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From chapter 2 of "The Orthodox Manner" by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, of which is the desk of contents:


  • God as Mutual Love

  • Three Individuals in One Essence

  • Private Traits

  • The Two Palms of God

  • Praying the Trinity

  • Residing the Trinity

Prayer of St Ioannikios:

O Father, my hope;

O Son, my refuge;

O Holy Spirit, my safety;

Holy Trinity, glory to thee.

From the Lenten Triodion:

O Trinity, uncreated and with out starting,

O undivided Unity, three and one,

Father, Son and Spirit, a single God:

Settle for this our hymn from tongues of clay

As if from mouths of flame.

From the Lenten Triodion:

We glorify not three Gods however one Godhead.

We honour the individuals which are actually three,

The Father unbegotten,

The Son begotten from the Father,

The Holy Spirit continuing from the Father,

One God in three:

And with true religion and glory we ascribe to every the title God.

From Vespers on the Feast of Pentecost:

Come, all peoples, and allow us to worship the one Godhead in three individuals,

The Son within the Father with the Holy Spirit.

For the Father gave beginning exterior time to the Son,

Coeternal and enthroned with him;

And the Holy Spirit is glorified within the Father along with the Son:

One energy, one essence, one Godhead,

Whom all of us worship, and to whom we are saying:

Holy God, who hast created all issues

By the Son, by the co-operation of the Holy Spirit;

Holy and Robust, by way of whom we all know the Father,

And thru whom the Holy Spirit got here to dwell throughout the world;

Holy and Immortal, Paraclete Spirit,

Continuing from the Father and resting on the Son.

Holy Trinity, glory to thee.

From the Lenten Triodion:

I reward the Godhead, unity in three individuals,

For the Father is gentle,

The Son is gentle,

And the Spirit is gentle.

However the gentle stays undivided,

Shining forth in oneness of nature,

But within the three rays of the individuals.

St Isaac the Syrian:

Love is the dominion which the Lord mystically promised to the disciples, when he stated that they’d eat in his kingdom: "You shall eat and drink at my desk in my kingdom" (Luke 22:30). What ought to they eat and drink, if not love?

When now we have reached love, now we have reached God and our journey is full. We have now crossed over to the island which lies past the world, the place are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: to whom be glory and dominion. Could God make us worthy to concern and love him. Amen.

Mom Maria of Paris:

Nevertheless arduous I strive, I discover it inconceivable to assemble something better than these three phrases, "Love each other"—solely to the tip, and with out exceptions: then all is justified and life is illumined, whereas in any other case it’s an abomination and a burden.

St John of Kronstadt:

There may be no Church aside from love.

Fr Theoklitos of Dionysiou:

Consider me, there may be one fact that reigns supreme from the fringes of the throne of glory right down to the least shadow of probably the most insignificant of creatures: and that one fact is love. Love is the supply from which the holy streams of grace circulation down unceasingly from the town of God, watering the earth and making it fruitful. "One deep calls to a different" (Ps. 42:7): like a deep or an abyss, in its infinity love helps us to image to ourselves the dread imaginative and prescient of the Godhead. It’s love that fashions all issues and holds them in unity. It’s love that provides life and heat, that conjures up and guides. Love is the seal set upon creation, the signature of the Creator. Love is the reason of his handiwork.

How can we make Christ come and dwell in our hearts? How else, besides by way of love?


Give relaxation to the weary, go to the sick, assist the poor: for this is also prayer.

Mom Maria of Paris:

The our bodies of our fellow human beings have to be handled with extra care than our personal. Christian love teaches us to present our brethren not solely religious items, however materials items as properly. Even our final shirt, our final piece of bread have to be given to them. Private almsgiving and probably the most wide-ranging social work are equally justifiable and mandatory.

The way in which to God lies by way of love of different individuals, and there’s no different approach. On the Final Judgement I shall not be requested if I used to be profitable in my ascetic workouts or what number of prostrations I made in the middle of my prayers. I shall be requested, did I feed the hungry, dress the bare, go to the sick and the prisoners: that’s all I shall be requested.

From the Festal Menaion (Mattins on eight September):

O Trinity supreme in being,

O Unity with out starting,

The hosts of angels sing thy praises, trembling earlier than thee.

Heaven, earth and the depths stand in awe of thee, all-holy Trinity:

Males bless thee,

Fireplace is thy servant,

All issues created obey thee in concern.

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