Dare to Imagine God – Streams within the Desert


God… calleth these issues which be not as if they have been (Romans 4:17).

What does that imply? Why Abraham did this factor: he dared to consider God. It appeared an impossibility at his age that Abraham ought to turn out to be the daddy of a kid; it appeared unbelievable; and but God known as him a “father of many countries” earlier than there was an indication of a kid; and so Abraham known as himself “father” as a result of God known as him so. That’s religion; it’s to consider and assert what God says. “Religion steps on seeming void, and finds the rock beneath.”

Solely say you’ve what God says you’ve, and He’ll make good to you all you consider. Solely it should be actual religion, all there’s in you will need to go over in that act of religion to God.


Be prepared to stay by believing and neither suppose nor want to stay in every other means. Be prepared to see each outward gentle extinguished, to see the eclipse of each star within the blue heavens, leaving nothing however darkness and perils round, if God will solely depart in thy soul the interior radiance, the pure brilliant lamp which religion has kindled.

–Thomas C. Upham

The second has come when you will need to get off the perch of mistrust, out of the nest of seeming security, and onto the wings of religion; simply such a time as involves the chicken when it should start to strive the air. It could appear as if you will need to drop to the earth; so it might appear to the fledgling. It, too, might really feel very like falling; nevertheless it doesn’t fall — it is pinions give it help, or, in the event that they fail, the guardian birds sweeps below and bears it upon its wings.

Even so will God bear you. Solely belief Him; “thou shalt be holden up.” “Nicely, however,” you say, “am I to forged myself upon nothing?” That’s what the chicken appears to need to do; however we all know the air is there, and the air is just not so unsubstantial because it appears. And you already know the guarantees of God are there, and they don’t seem to be unsubstantial in any respect. “But it surely appears an unlikely factor to come back about that my poor weak soul ought to be girded with such energy.” Has God stated it shall? “That my tempted, yielding nature shall be victor within the strife.” Has God stated it shall? “That my timorous, trembling coronary heart shall discover peace?” Has God stated it shall?

For, if He has, you absolutely don’t imply to offer Him the lie! Hath he spoken, and shall He not do it? In case you have gotten a phrase — “a certain phrase” of promise — take it implicitly, belief it completely. And this certain phrase you’ve; nay, you’ve extra — you’ve Him who speaks the phrase confidently.

“Yea, I say unto you,” belief Him.

–J. B. Figgis, M. A.

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