My (F24) mother’s (F38) boyfriend (M40) has an attraction to my sister (F22) and has even been heard by my cousin (M21) making les than acceptable remarks about my sister. : relationships


Sorry upfront for any errors. That is my first time posting right here.

My mother and her boyfriend have been off/on once more (for lack of a greater description) for the previous 2 years now. He is for essentially the most half been useful and funky however not too long ago a whole lot of details about him has come to gentle and made me query whether or not he ought to even be round our home.

My cousin used to work the identical job as my mother’s boyfriend and had overheard my mother’s boyfriend speaking out loud saying “My girlfriend’s daughter is so lovely. She’s so beautiful”. The boyfriend had stated this in Spanish, not realizing that my cousin understood. My cousin informed his mother (my mother’s sister) about it and he or she informed my mom about it. My aunt additionally knowledgeable me however did so in personal and requested that I not inform my mother that she informed me as a result of their relationship has all the time been tough rising up and he or she does not wish to add gasoline to that fireside. My mother determined to maintain it a secret from my sister as a result of she’s frightened my sister will dislike the boyfriend if she came upon what he stated/thought of her.

One in all my different issues is my different youthful sister (F11) who’s beginning to develop bodily, and I fear that she could catch his consideration ultimately as effectively, though I have not heard him make remarks about her but. There are lots of different issues about him however I will not go into these on this submit.

My query is, ought to I inform my sister about this? I am frightened that if I do inform my sister, she’ll inform my mother that I informed her and my mother will know my aunt informed me about it, deepening the stress between my aunt and mother.

TL;DR Mother’s bf talked about my sister and do not know if I ought to inform her about it.


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