Father Terry’s Religious Stuff: The Many Photographs


Some folks inform me that they do not consider in a god.  So I say to them, “Effectively, why do not you get a God you may consider in,  Get your personal God.”  Use your creativeness.  So many people image God, if we consider, as somebody who seems to be human.  Their picture varies in age, pores and skin coloration, facial look and clothes.  However nonetheless human.  Why have a human God if it doesn’t swimsuit you?  Even the Bible got here up with non-human pictures.  Take a look at Genesis 15: 17-18.  God comes into view for Abram as a smoking fireplace pot and a flaming torch.  No human traits to check or critique.  The creativeness is the important thing to your God-comfort, not your thoughts.  God as a pot!  Why not.


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