Can a person marry a lady who thinks that every one male management is “sexist”?


As of late, many individuals of each sexes graduate school with quite a lot of pupil mortgage debt and no marketable expertise in any respect. What do they study? Effectively, they don’t study something, however they’re brainwashed to imagine in secular leftist dogma. They usually’re additionally brainwashed to dismiss all opposition to secular leftist dogma by labeling it as “sexist”, “racist”, “homophobic”, “xenophobic”, and many others.

I wrote beforehand about how males don’t prefer to marry non-virgins. I argued that girls with quite a lot of sexual expertise have confirmed that they like males who’ve “no-commitment” skills. And people girls additionally keep away from males who’ve dedication skills. I argued that if a person marries a lady with quite a lot of expertise of giving no-commitment males intercourse, then she most likely wouldn’t respect and admire his marriage-oriented expertise sufficient to let him lead the house.

I imagine that the brainwashing that girls get once they do non-STEM levels in liberal arts packages in school is the reason for their resistance to the management of marriage-minded males.

How does a wedding occur? Mainly, a marriage-minded man prepares himself for marriage by denying himself “enjoyable” in an effort to place himself to be a husband and father. He research laborious STEM topics in an effort to get good jobs. His resume is gap-free. He began working early, and didn’t take summers off. He saves his cash. He understands beliefs which are incompatible with marriage, comparable to pro-abortion, pro-divorce, and many others. and he is ready to argue towards them. When he meets a lady, he presents his preparations to her, and tries to get her to give attention to behaviors that may put her on a path to turning into a spouse and mom. If she follows his lead, then she turns into protected for him to marry. He is ready to see how she listens to his marriage plan, and adjusts her habits in an effort to assist him to execute the plan.

So what does this management seem like? Effectively, in my case, I’ve tried to get girls to change from non-STEM to STEM levels. To stop simple jobs like waitress and instructor and get laborious jobs like IT Challenge Supervisor or Software program Engineer. To cease losing cash on thrill-seeking and as a substitute repay loans, then make investments. To cease watching TV and films, and begin studying good non-fiction books about marriage, parenting, apologetics, economics, and many others. And to tell themselves about marriage associated matters, e.g. – divorce, infertility, little one growth, homeschooling, daycare, college selection. Mainly, getting them to drop infantile anti-marriage and anti-family behaviors, and take up mature pro-marriage and pro-family behaviors, in order that they grow to be helpful companions for a wedding enterprise.

However what about non-STEM school packages? What does school train younger girls about this marriage-focused management from marriage-minded males? It will depend on what she research. If she does a STEM diploma, she’ll have been pressured to be accountable to actuality in her assignments and exams. She’ll get a good job and repay pupil loans, permitting her husband to shortly purchase her a home and provides her youngsters to lift whereas she’s nonetheless younger. However, if she does a non-STEM diploma, then not solely will she most likely have pupil mortgage debt and a ineffective diploma and low-pay jobs, however she’ll even have been brainwashed with all kinds of anti-marriage and anti-family beliefs and behaviors. That’s as a result of non-STEM packages are nothing greater than brainwashing in secular leftist dogma. And I’ve an instance of how this works in actual life.

Every little thing too laborious for her to study or do is “sexist”

Within the instance under, a male professional on local weather science corrects a feminine journalist about local weather science. She dismisses his correction (not proven) as sexism.

Feminist journalist shames science expert as "sexist"
Feminist journalist shames science professional as “sexist”

Right here is the biography of the male PhD in meteorology:

Ryan Maue is a analysis meteorologist. He has developed and maintained a well-liked climate maps and local weather knowledge service based mostly on the world’s greatest numerical climate prediction techniques. Throughout his graduate research at Florida State College, he researched extratropical and tropical cyclones, using mesoscale fashions and huge reanalysis datasets, and printed a number of peer-reviewed articles. After his PhD in 2010, Maue was awarded a Nationwide Analysis Council postdoctoral associateship on the Naval Analysis Lab in Monterey, California the place he targeted on international climate prediction and verification.

And right here is the biography of the feminine journalist with the BA in journalism:

She has a BA in journalism, and is aware of actually nothing about local weather science, and has achieved actually nothing of worth within the subject of local weather science that anybody could be prepared to pay her for.

Crying “sexist” is actually every little thing that her diploma in journalism taught her to do. She has one ability: tips on how to dismiss experience in reality-based sensible disciplines as “sexist”, and subsequently inferior to her emotions and intuitions.

Ought to marriage-minded males marry feminists?

So let’s ask and reply one easy query: ought to a marriage-minded man marry a lady who dismisses management from certified males as “sexist”?

Let’s overview the purple flags of secular leftist feminist girls:

  • she’s pro-abortion, so she thinks murdering an harmless little one is how egocentric adults escape the implications of their very own reckless actions
  • she’s pro-divorce, and won’t hesitate for a second to interrupt a dedication that makes her sad
  • she’s an atheist, so she will’t rationally floor the fundamental necessities of morality: free will, goal ethical legal guidelines, and many others. and subsequently can’t be relied on to behave morally towards her personal self-interest
  • she’s a socialist, so she views cash earned by the husband because the property of the secular left authorities
  • she’s a feminist, so she believes intercourse is leisure, and needn’t be reserved for a husband and spouse in a covenant marriage, and she or he thinks that newborns ought to be tossed into daycare then public colleges
  • she believes in same-sex marriage, so she thinks that youngsters could be disadvantaged of a relationship with their organic mom and/or father, for the good thing about egocentric adults
  • and many others.

Does this sound like she’s prepared for a husband and youngsters?

However greater than the worldview points are the sensible points. A lady with a non-STEM diploma didn’t need to examine topics which are accountable to actuality. She didn’t need to be a pharmacist, a nurse or a software program engineer – these jobs would require her to provide work that corresponds to actuality, and has worth in the actual world. Individuals like her who graduate with non-STEM levels don’t perceive something about how the world actually works. They don’t perceive economics, in order that they’re socialists. They’ll’t be reasoned with, as a result of their views are decided by what makes them really feel good, look good to friends, and what offers them most autonomy to pursue pleasure with minimal accountability. When secular leftists feminists crash and burn at self-sufficiency, they blame everybody else as a substitute of themselves. All of those character traits make them actually tough to get together with in a wedding.

Can girls like this be fastened up for marriage and motherhood? Effectively, that may require them to be open to marriage-minded males who would be capable of lead them in direction of marriage and motherhood behaviors. However how did Emily reply to management from a male with real-world demonstrated skill in a sensible space? She referred to as his try to guide her “sexist”. And that’s the normal response of secular leftist feminist girls to male management. When you inform them to review pc science, you’re “sexist”. When you inform them to cease losing cash, you’re “sexist”. When you inform them to cease getting drunk, you’re “sexist”. When you inform them to learn a guide on economics, you’re “sexist”. When you inform them to observe a William Lane Craig debate, you’re “sexist”. When you inform them to eat wholesome and carry weights, you’re “sexist”. When you inform them to get a difficult job, you’re “sexist”. When you inform them to cease having leisure intercourse with unhealthy boys, you’re “sexist”. Each try and focus a secular leftist feminist girl on making ready for marriage and motherhood is named “sexist”.

If girls would solely hearken to what males ask of them as future wives and future moms, and construct themselves up for spouse and mom roles, then girls would by no means wrestle to search out husbands. No man in his proper thoughts can danger marriage to a secular leftist feminist. There isn’t a “secular leftist feminist” path to marriage. No quantity of immodesty and premarital intercourse from a secular leftist feminist is sufficient to trick a person into marrying her. Which may work on some males to get intercourse, but it surely’s not going to work to get her to marriage and youngsters.


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