Brother Yun (The Heavenly Man) Kingdom Invasion Sermon Notes



Brother Yun (The Heavenly Man) Kingdom Invasion Sermon Notes

Brother Yun (his actual title is Liu Zhenying) is the bestselling writer of the inspiring autobiography “The Heavenly Man”. Tens of millions of copies have been learn and have ignited the religion of multitudes of believers worldwide. Yun’s life story is sort of a modern-day guide of Acts story in regards to the apostle Paul. I like the guide and extremely advocate you learn it.Click on Right here to get it on Amazon. 

I took these notes at Kingdom Invasion Trilogy Half II and paid S$35 for the ticket to attend the occasion within the morning. The evening periods have been open to all and free to attend.  

Brother Yun’s religious title is Samuel which his mom gave to him when he was saved at 17.

God spoke to him telling him to go to the east and west to testify of Jesus.
At the moment, China was not as open as it’s in the present day.
Chairman Mao wasn’t afraid of those that had cash or energy. He was afraid of those that had religion.
At the moment, all church buildings have been forcibly closed and Christian pastors and preachers have been thrown into jail. 

Yun’s mom was saved by means of the preaching of a Norwegian preacher, and due to the persecution, she didn’t dare to publicly confess her religion in Jesus. 

Those that actually have encountered Jesus know that they’ll’t fall asleep so simply and that they’ve a burden to go about doing the Lord’s work of their lives.

In China it’s totally different from the tradition of the West. At the moment, no matter your mom says is just like the legislation. There’s a sturdy perception in submission to oldsters.
Yun couldn’t be dissuaded from his intention to evangelise the Gospel, so his mom had no alternative however to kneel down and pray with him for cover as he shares the Gospel.

Yun’s father was miraculously healed of most cancers.

At 17, Yun preached to a village and plenty of indicators and wonders occurred. 20 folks have been healed and even demon-possessed individuals who torn their garments have been freed. 

At 17, Yun memorized the entire of the Gospel of Matthew. He didn’t know what to do as a believer. 

At the moment in case you preached Jesus, it was unlawful and you’d have been arrested by the police for being a “counter-revolutionary”.

Yun was only a easy, poor farmer boy, however he was extremely needed for arrest by the state as a result of he was seen as a counter-revolutionary. 

At 21, Yun had no solution to go dwelling as a result of he was a fugitive. 

The folks Yun evangelized to have been additionally farmers. 

Despite the fact that Yun had no training, God referred to as him to show God’s phrase and make disciples.

The folks at the moment have been all quaking in worry due to impending arrest at any time.

At the moment there was no tv, however there was radio broadcast. The state broadcaster a warning that whoever related to Yun can be arrested.

Each believer ought to have a minimum of three Bibles: a clear one, one messy one with many annotations and notes inside, and a Bible hidden in your coronary heart.

1 Peter 2:9 – This verse has been crucial to the home church buildings in China. By this, they know that they don’t seem to be simply easy village folks, however folks of Heaven. 
They know that they’re referred to as to intercede for his or her nation. 
God has chosen us that we would come out of darkness and sin, into the dominion of wonderful mild.
Many individuals thought that they have been simply easy village folks. 
Yun advised them to memorize and skim God’s phrase.
Everybody is named to testify of Jesus and witness about Him.
At the moment, the hearth of the Holy Spirit started to burn of their hearts.
Are you keen to pay the worth for following Jesus? 
We shall be persecuted for believing within the Gospel—it’s not nearly receiving blessings.
Are you keen to be a martyr for the Lord? Don’t simply be keen to evangelise the Gospel—be keen to die for the Gospel if essential. 
The believers in China needed to memorize the Bible as a result of in the event that they have been thrown in jail, they wouldn’t have entry to a bodily Bible.
We have to put the phrase of God in our hearts.

“However you’re a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a folks for God’s personal possession, that you could be proclaim the excellence of him who referred to as you out of darkness into his marvelous mild:” ‭‭(1 Peter‬ ‭2:9‬ ‭WEB‬‬)

Yun was arrested for his religion on Christmas Day. As he was crying out to Jesus to avoid wasting, the Lord spoke in his coronary heart: “My little one, I do know. Don’t be afraid.”
That was the very first time he heard God name him His little one. 
All fears melted away immediately. 

What an individual receives a phrase from the Lord, it’s endlessly imprinted in a single’s coronary heart.

On that day of his arrest, Yun shouted “I’m a Heavenly Man!” when interrogated by the police for his background.

Yun was incarcerated for four occasions and spent a complete of 10 years in jail for his religion. 
He’s grateful that God gave him a valuable title like “The Heavenly Man”.
Yun would inform the police that he lived in “The Gospel Village”. 
He prophesied that China would change into a Gospel village.
When requested what’s his father’s title, Yun would say, “Filled with Grace” (满恩典).
When requested what’s his mom’s title, Yun would say, “Religion, Hope, Love” (信望爱)
Yun would say that his older brother’s title is “Jesus is Coming Quickly” (盼望耶稣再来).

The Gospel isn’t just about prospering you. It’s like a coin with each side. There’s additionally persecution that we face for our religion.

Yun has two kids. Their names are Isaac and Yilin.
On the time when Isaac was born, Yun was arrested and thrown into jail.
At the moment, the state might have sentenced him to dying for being a ‘counter-revolutionary’. 
Yun is grateful for relations that cherished Jesus a lot and have been praying for him.

At the moment, within the village, they didn’t find out about courting. 
Yun had an organized marriage.
He requested if his spouse Deling can be keen to marry him as he was a preacher who adopted Jesus, and he or she agreed. 

In China there was the One-Baby Coverage, and the state needed to power Deling to abort her little one. 
Deling gave start to her son prematurely. He was solely seven months of age. 

The guards in jail requested Yun to present his son a reputation. 
That point when Yun heard the information that his spouse had given start to a son, he cried tears of gratefulness.
Yun didn’t have any worldly possessions, so he provided his life to God.
Yun devoted his son to God, and God spoke to him, telling him that his son’s title shall be “Isaac”.
Yun thought he wouldn’t have an opportunity to fulfill his son. He wrote a letter telling his son that he wasn’t a legal, and that he was arrested as a result of he believed and preached the Gospel.
He inspired his son to observe the Lord and shine as a light-weight for Jesus.

On this darkish technology, Yun declared that Isaac would carry mild to the world. 
Yun is grateful that each his kids are pastors and worshippers of Jesus.
Isaac is being mightily utilized in Germany for the Lord.
There are some believers from Iran and Iraq in Isaac’s newly-established church. They believed in Jesus and have been baptized in water instantly.

At the moment in China, many believers turned their again on Jesus and even persecuted Christians.
Yun’s in-laws mocked his household for his or her religion.
As an alternative of feeling indignant, Yun was decided to like them. 

Yilin obtained her title from the Biblical story whereby the youngsters of Israel handed by a spot referred to as Mara and Elim within the wilderness.

Bitterness provides start to dissent and offers start to lies. All these come from Devil. 
We don’t need to be born in Mara (bitterness).
Elim was a spot close to to Mara.

Each time Yun referred to as his son’s title, we was reminded that he (Yun) was referred to as to serve the Lord, and at any time when he referred to as his daughter’s title, he was reminded that was to not stay in bitterness. 

I was blessed to take a selfie with Brother Yun (on the right). He is the bestselling author of the inspiring autobiography

I used to be blessed to take a selfie with Brother Yun (on the best). He’s the bestselling writer of the inspiring autobiography “The Heavenly Man”. Tens of millions of copies have been learn and have ignited the religion of multitudes of believers worldwide. Yun’s life story is sort of a modern-day guide of Acts story in regards to the apostle Paul.

Every thing adjustments when the dominion of God invades earth

We should be disciples of Jesus. 

Yun’s deepest need is that each knee will bow and each tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.

Course is extra necessary than pace.

Selecting the right platform is extra necessary than your personal effort. 

Yun determined to evangelise the Gospel and work with the Lord for the Gospel to be preached all the best way again to Jerusalem.

Maybe you’re not in a bodily jail, however in case you’re an unbeliever, it’s important to be free of the jail of sin. 

You don’t have stay in an space of being misplaced and sad. Jesus desires to set you free. 
The dominion of God will come and God gives you freedom and deliverance.
Are you keen to be a disciple of Jesus?
Are you keen to carry out the need of God and convey the dominion of God to Singapore? 
Are you keen to just accept God’s calling? 

Pray for God to ship extra laborers into the sector. 

When God has a calling in your life, he’ll do every thing He can to make sure that it involves go.
Even if you wish to die, it will likely be troublesome as a result of God will make His calling in your life come to go.

God is aware of our previous, current and future. He is aware of how weak we’re and what we’d like.

Once we observe the Lord, we have to make some selections. 

While you’re feeling afraid, preach to your self: “Baby, don’t be afraid.”

When difficulties come, not everybody will select to observe the Lord, so some folks will fall away. 
Numerous believers in China wrote that they deny Jesus and don’t observe Him anymore as a way to escape arrest by China’s authorities.

Yun fasted many days for the Lord in jail and refused to eat or drink something. 

In the future in jail, Yun requested Jesus when he can be let loose from jail, and Jesus spoke to him from inside that when the day arises, he can be let loose.

The jail guards tortured Yun by piercing lengthy needles below all his fingernails and eyelids.
As that was occurring, Yun skilled an ‘out-of-body expertise’ and noticed an enormous staircase going upwards to Heaven.
Yun noticed a door opening in a imaginative and prescient, and heard God say “I’m opening a door for you that no man can shut!”

Yun didn’t know that there have been black and white folks—he was only a easy village boy. He was proven this in a imaginative and prescient. 
God confirmed Yun that he would testify of Jesus to thousands and thousands of individuals in many countries. 

three years in the past, somebody referred to as Yun on the cellphone and referred to as him by his title in jail.
He noticed that particular person’s profile pic on WeChat and it was an image of the Taoist goddess of mercy. 

You must know that the Gospel is the facility of God.

The Lord used Yun’s jail title and requested him “Have you ever forgotten how I carried you in jail each day? Even once you met your loved ones once more for the primary time, I used to be there.”

There was somebody in jail with Yun on the time who was a assassin. That man was a spy. 
When the spy noticed Yun being tortured by the needles, Yun screamed out “Abba!” and the spy was moved in his coronary heart and have become a believer in Jesus. 

No matter we don’t know, the Lord is aware of. 

When the dominion of God invades Singapore, Singapore shall be modified.
The place is the dominion of God? It’s inside us and in our midst. The dominion of God can be up in Heaven. 
We should pray that the dominion of God will come right down to Singapore.
When Yun was in jail, he was very hungry for the dominion of heaven to return right down to earth.

Yun’s spouse and mom have been arrested for his or her religion as nicely, however he wasn’t afraid.
For those who’re not afraid of the satan, the satan shall be afraid of you. 

Yun’s mom and sister couldn’t acknowledge Yun once they noticed him in jail as a result of he was so unrecognizable—he fasted for 72 days. 
The jail guard introduced Yun’s household to jail to get them to steer Yun to eat and drink as a result of they (the jail guards) couldn’t get him to take action. 
Yun’s mom lifted his shirt and noticed the birthmark on his again, and acknowledged him.
Even when your loved ones rejects you and doesn’t acknowledge you, Jesus will at all times acknowledge and settle for you. 

Yun requested his mom whether or not she had any grape juice along with her? He needed to have Holy Communion.
The home church buildings in China partook of Holy Communion very incessantly. 
After they broke the bread, Yun mentioned he’s keen to be a martyr for Jesus Christ, and that he won’t ever be a Judas (betrayer). 

Yun mentioned to his spouse Deling that “Don’t fear, the Lord gives you a greater husband after I die.”
Yun’s sister’s religion wasn’t sturdy. She slapped Yun and mentioned, “How are you going to afford to be a martyr when your spouse is 5 months pregnant?”
Yun’s mom was a praying lady and a prophetess, and he or she mentioned “You should stay for Jesus, not for me.”
This sentence gripped Yun’s coronary heart and adjusted his life.

The jail guards heard Yun’s mom encouraging Yun to remain alive for Jesus’ sake and that triggered them to tug him again to jail.
Yun’s mom’s phrases are firmly imprinted in his coronary heart.
Say this to your self: “I’ll stay for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Yun’s household introduced many provisions for Yun in jail.
The place the place Yun was locked up was like a most safety jail. 
The jail guard was actually moved by Yun, and promoted Yun to change into the chief among the many prisoners of his cell. 
The prisons in China aren’t like prisons anyplace else.

{The handcuffs} have been cuffed behind the prisoners’ backs and their legs have been even chained.
The jail cell chief’s job was to feed the prisoners as a result of their fingers have been chained behind their again.
The very first thing that Yun ate after his 72 day quick was Holy Communion. 
Then the following factor he ate was a mantou (steamed bun).

When Yun obtained the mantou, he gave thanks for the mantou, and thanked God for the chance to feed the prisoners their mantou as nicely. 
Simply when Yun was about to eat his mantou, the Lord advised him, “Give your mantou to this different prisoner that’s about to be executed.”
Yun responded to the Lord saying, “Lord I’m additionally a human. I’m additionally hungry.”
When the Lord tells you to do one thing, it doesn’t imply you gained’t have worry.

Yun gave his small mantou to the prisoner that the Lord designated, tearing it into many small items.
That prisoner knelt down and broke into tears, wanting into Yun’s eyes.
He requested Yun, “Why do you’re keen on me like that? I can’t repay your kindness on this life, however in three days time I’ll come again as a ghost to repay your kindness.”
Yun replied, “It’s not me who loves you, however Jesus. Jesus is the one who requested me to provide the mantou.”
The prisoner cried out, “Jesus, I’ll come again as a ghost to repay your kindness.”

Yun preached the Gospel to the prisoner, and mentioned that if he believes in Jesus, then he shall be saved from Hell which is worse than any jail on earth. 
“No matter you possibly can’t inform the decide, you possibly can inform Jesus. Jesus desires to avoid wasting you from the fires of Hell.”
The prisoner cried out, “Sure I don’t need to go to Hell. I need to imagine in Jesus!”
All the opposite prisoners within the cell additionally declared that they needed to imagine in Jesus. 
Yun poured water on the prisoners’ heads and baptized them into the religion. 

While you’re in labor, it’s painful, however when your little one is born, you’ll overlook in regards to the ache.
Yun gave start to so many religious kids in jail. 
In good occasions and dangerous occasions, we’d like Jesus.
The hardened prisoners adopted Yun devotedly and weren’t afraid of something. 
They knew that they might die in jail, so that they inspired Yun to be daring for Jesus.
At the moment, Yun learnt what it means to make disciples. 

Yun encourages us to memorize the Bible. Once we preach, it’s not what we are saying, however we should always quote “Jesus mentioned…”
Earlier than coming into jail, Yun thought he was so nice, however when he went in, he realized he wasn’t so nice.

God loves us to worship and sing songs of praises to Him. Within the darkest and troublesome occasions, we have to reward Him.

When believers worship in China, it’s very totally different from how believers within the West worship.
When believers sing within the West, they appear to think about Jesus sitting comfortably on His Throne.
When believers sing in China, they think about Jesus coming down from His throne, encouraging and embracing them as they endure for Him.

When Yun was in jail, he cherished singing praises to God. 

While you’re pressured and below super stress, you possibly can simply name out “Abba” and the Holy Spirit will assist you supply up excellent prayers to God.

When Yun poured water over the prisoner’s head in jail, the prisoner was reminded about his mother and father.
The prisoners thought that Yun was a priest.
Yun isn’t about doing a faith, however he simply believes in what the Bible says.

There was no pen and paper in jail, so the prisoner who was water baptized bit his finger and wrote a letter along with his personal blood.
The prisoner realized that he wasn’t going to Hell however to Heaven. 
The prisoners requested if commuting suicide was a sin. Yun mentioned “Sure” as a result of believer belong to Jesus. 
The prisoner had hidden a blade and was planning to make use of it to slit his throat to commit suicide.
The prisoner turned over the blade to the guards and the guard questioned who is that this Jesus that’s so highly effective that may trigger a prisoner like that to repent.

The jail guards allowed the prisoner to have his fingers cuffed in entrance as an alternative of behind, in order that he might write a letter on items of bathroom paper to his mother and father utilizing his personal blood.
The prisoner advised his mother and father that they wanted to imagine in Jesus in order that they’ll meet one another once more in Heaven. 
That prisoner was executed by a gunshot to his head.
Despite the fact that he’s lifeless, just like the Bible says, his religion nonetheless speaks. 

When Yun was launched from jail, Yun went to go to the prisoner’s mother and father and handed the letter of blood to them, in addition to the pair of their son’s footwear.
The mom who had some psychological points, began to cry and hugged Yun, pondering that he was her son.
Fortunately, each of them knelt down and believed in Jesus. 

On this life, we don’t want to make use of many phrases, however simply want folks to know that they must imagine in Jesus.

Yun didn’t anticipate that the love he confirmed by giving his mantou to a prisoner might result in so many prisoners being saved. 
three years in the past, the one who referred to as Yun recognized himself as one of many prisoners in that cell. 
Yun requested that particular person, “For those who imagine in Jesus, why do you have got an image of the goddess of mercy as your profile pic?”
The particular person replied, “Isn’t goddess of mercy the identical as Jesus?”
You see, that man had no alternative to have entry to a Bible. 
That man was despatched to work in a jail camp in a distant desert for 30 years. 
He prayed to fulfill the person who led him to Christ, and eventually discovered Yun. 

Individuals in Singapore don’t want a faith. They should imagine in Jesus and expertise the love of Jesus.
Yun desires to set ablaze that love of God in our hearts. 

If you’d like your loved ones members to be saved, get up the place you are actually and pray for it.
Imagine that you just and your entire family shall be saved. 

When Yun was imprisoned the primary time for four years and because it was coming to an finish, the guards got here into the cell at midnight and put a black bag over his head and dragged him out.
They threw him right into a small, enclosed area whereby he couldn’t even flip his physique round. 
His fingers and toes have been certain. 
Yun cried out to the Lord, and advised Him that he was wanting ahead to seeing his household once more, so why was he being allowed to endure like this.
There was no mild in that area. There was solely a small little gap whereby the guards would go meals into the cell by means of that gap. 

The guards introduced Yun out of that cell and compelled him to jot down down all of the names of the those who he ever preached to and had contact with. 
The authorities introduced out proof and advised Yun that they knew that he had contact with believers from different provinces.
In addition they requested Yun how was he getting letters from Christians from outdoors the jail. 

At the moment, the Chinese language authorities had invited Billy Graham to return to China for an interview.
The home church buildings wrote letters to Billy Graham, requesting him to place stress on the federal government to launch Christians who’ve been thrown into jail. 
There was a predominant chief of the home church buildings referred to as Xu Yongze, and he had written to Billy Graham to get Yun out of jail. 

A prophetic phrase from the Lord for you: You should maintain on to your religion in order that nobody can take your crown. 

On a regular basis in jail, Yun wrote songs and poems for the Lord. He was singing to the Lord each day. 

The authorities threw Yun into jail desirous to reform him, however they mentioned it didn’t appear to work. They requested him does he plan to remain in jail endlessly? 
God is just not afraid of a problem. 

Brother Yun prays together with the attendees of Kingdom Invasion for Singapore and its government leaders. Yun's story inspires us to be willing to give up everything for Jesus if necessary. A true testimony of discipleship.

Brother Yun prays along with the attendees of Kingdom Invasion for Singapore and its authorities leaders. Yun’s story conjures up us to be keen to surrender every thing for Jesus if essential. A real testimony of discipleship.

Pray to your nation and authorities to be led by the Lord

Romans‬ ‭8:35-39 – Nothing can separate us from the love of God that’s in Christ Jesus.
Many occasions after we don’t love God, God nonetheless loves us. 
Even after we’re in jail, God nonetheless loves us. 
When a believer has skilled a Biblical reality, he’ll always remember it. 

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Might oppression, or anguish, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? At the same time as it’s written, “In your sake we’re killed all day lengthy. We have been accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” No, in all these items, we’re greater than conquerors by means of him who cherished us. For I’m persuaded that neither dying, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor issues current, nor issues to return, nor powers, nor peak, nor depth, nor every other created factor, will be capable to separate us from God’s love, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” ‭‭(Romans‬ ‭8:35-39‬ ‭WEB‬‬)

In jail, Yun prayed to obtain a Bible, and he advised Jesus that he was keen to remain in jail for all times.
Yun miraculously obtained a Bible from somebody who dug the Bible underground and introduced it out for Yun.
Yun was overjoyed and memorized the entire Bible.

Desirous to be a martyr is just not really easy. If God doesn’t need you to die, you possibly can’t die. 
For those who can’t die for Jesus, then you need to stay for Jesus.

Yun’s time in jail was a time of ministry. In jail in case you inform somebody to kneel down, they’ll kneel down.

One of many authorities in jail was a captain of the guard, and advised Yun that he doesn’t look like a counter-revolutionary or a depraved legal.
Yun began to evangelise Jesus to that captain, saying that he was keen to die for his religion in Jesus.

That captain had bronchial asthma. It was winter time, and his bronchial asthma was flaring up. 
Yun was within the captain’s workplace, and he felt that the Lord’s presence was there with him in the mean time.
Yun advised the captain that he is aware of his wants and shared the testimony in regards to the miracle therapeutic of his father from most cancers. 
The captain checked out Yun and mentioned, “Are you actually that religious?” and knelt right down to obtain prayer for therapeutic.
The captain mentioned “Amen” and obtained an immediate miracle therapeutic from his bronchial asthma.

When the dominion of God invades jail, the entire jail can flip round for His glory.

There’s one Catholic priest in China who’s 102 years outdated now, and Isaac (Yun’s son) went to fulfill that priest not too long ago final yr. 
The priest shared many tales of his reminiscences of Yun’s assist and love for him again in jail. 
The priest shared the reminiscence about Yun writing many scriptures on his arm. 

You might be mates with God. Everytime you want, you possibly can come earlier than Him and boldly ask Him for all of your wants. 

It appears unimaginable to obtain a Bible in a China jail, however nothing is unimaginable for God.
Yun determined to not eat something and quick for the Lord, till he obtained a Bible in jail.

In jail, they’ll feed you and ship you out to work in labor camps.
In most safety jail, they solely offer you a small quantity of meals. 

When Yun fasted—abstaining from meals and water, he solely desired to obtain a Bible. He was hungry for God’s phrase. 
Day after day handed, till one night, Yun noticed a imaginative and prescient that he was free of jail, that his chains have been eliminated and he obtained a Bible.
Yun got here to himself and realized that he was simply having a imaginative and prescient.
He believed and held onto the imaginative and prescient in his coronary heart. 

It doesn’t matter in case you’ve by no means had excessive experiences like Yun. Everybody’s experiences are totally different. 
Yun noticed a imaginative and prescient of the apostle John who was exiled on the isle of Patmos. 
John advised Yun that for the dominion of God, he should endure trials and tribulations for Jesus, to additional His kingdom.
We should embrace struggling for the Lord. 

Yun requested Jesus “I noticed a imaginative and prescient that I’m free, however when will I really be free?”
An angel appeared to Yun, and advised him that he was already free.
Yun had change into so skinny from fasting that the chains fell off from his fingers and toes.
Yun requested God, “The place is my Bible? No drawback, I’ll proceed to quick till I get my Bible.”
Dwell for God’s eyes, die for man’s eyes. 
The subsequent day, the guards opened the jail gates to carry meals to Yun, and mentioned to Yun excitedly, “Heavenly Man, right here is your Bible.”

When Yun was first imprisoned, he was advised that may be imprisoned for a minimum of 15 years or be put to dying.

A authorities official got here and people the opposite authorities that Yun wasn’t so dangerous and that they need to deal with him nicer, even promising to deal with him to a superb meal.
The satan has many alternative ways—generally he makes use of clean phrases to deceive, generally he makes use of persecution.
The authorities deliberated and determined to present Yun a Bible in order that he would learn it and switch over a brand new leaf.

With a purpose to enter the dominion of God (Heaven), we should endure many trials and tribulations. 
Now we have to carry the Gospel to Singapore to satisfy the Nice Fee.

We’re a royal priesthood that’s right here to like and pray for Singapore.

Let’s pray for our authorities, that they’ll obey God’s objective as they make selections for the nation. 

Wherever we’re, we have to share the Gospel and share God’s like to others. The love of God will change Singapore. It will be a brand new period of God’s Grace for Singapore. 
Yun prayed for fiery religion to be ignited within the hearts of believers in Singapore. 

Pray for the hearth of God to fire up folks’s coronary heart.
Yun has a imaginative and prescient to take the Gospel again to Jerusalem. 

We’re not the lukewarm Laodicean church, we’re a brand new church in Singapore that’s on fireplace for the Lord! 

Pray for the fiery love of God to saturate and fill Singapore. Don’t anticipate folks to return to the church. Deliver the dominion of God to the folks! Deliver it all over the place you go.

Resolve to observe Jesus—by no means flip again to the world! Be keen to surrender every thing and observe Jesus! ​

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“Hi Mr. Milton Goh, first of all I would like to say “Praise God and thank you so much Mr. Milton. You are such an answered prayer for me. I was really blessed by your blog. It opened my mind to the reality that there is still more than I can do for my Savior. Your blog melted my heart so much for God and pushed me to desire Jesus more. Your powerful notes anointed by the Lord through the Holy Spirit that you have shared will greatly help me for the expansion and growth of my ministry as well as my relationship with my God. I pray that God will continue to use you to inspire, motivate and uplift dying souls. I pray and I believe some day in the future I will be given a chance to encounter a (real encounter) with a servant of Jesus like you. Be richly blessed by God Mr. Milton and your family as well.”

– Christine from Makati City, Philippines

“Yours are the best I have ever seen! They should be the official church sermon notes! … I need to share again. This is written by a young man at NCC Pastor Prince epic amazing sermon notes! This should be in an official publication, it’s so professional…! I love your sermon notes! Would like to eventually meet you and give you a gift!”

– Michelle from New York City, USA

Understand the Four Gospels Through the Lens of Grace (4 eBooks bundle)


This bundle contains 4 ebooks:

– Understand the Gospel of Matthew Through the Lens of Grace

– Understand the Gospel of Mark Through the Lens of Grace

– Understand the Gospel of Luke Through the Lens of Grace

– Understand the Gospel of John Through the Lens of Grace

In these books, you’ll learn all the meanings of Jesus’ parables, prophecies, and teachings, as revealed by the Holy Spirit — every single one!

You’ll also understand which parts of the Four Gospels are for the dispensation of the Law but written for our learning, which ones are for us to apply as New Covenant commandments today, and which ones are to be looked forward to in the future!

No passage in the Four Gospels will remain a mystery to you after reading these ebooks. Faith, hope and love will blossom in your innermost being because these crucial books of the Bible are unlocked for you.

I believe with all my soul that this resource will be a great blessing to you, and it will add priceless treasures of God’s word into your heart!

As a special launch promo, use the coupon code “fourgospels5” to enjoy an instant $5 discount off this product!

Some testimonials of my writing:

“Great writer and theologian. I love your work. You are in tune with the Holy Spirit.”

– Pastor Dave Hammond, Faith Baptist Church of Myra, USA

“Milton Goh my brother, your insight on Grace has set me free from 20 yrs of addiction. I was a 7 time felon but by the GRACE of God I am now an ordained minister. Here is some of my story: I was saved in Dec 2016 and started evangelizing in July of 2017 as soon as I was released. My ministry has led over 800 to Jesus. I go to jails, rehabs, homeless shelters plus numerous churches! Your notes and sermons allowed me to find rest in Jesus. I was getting tired trying to perform what I thought God needed from me. You have made me realize it’s 100% the CROSS and now I go constantly for Jesus but never get tired. Thanks for your wisdom and love for Jesus. May God bless you and your family!”

– Evangelist Michael Clark from Cumberland, Kentucky, USA

“Milton Goh gives common sense insight on often confusing scripture, which is much appreciated in these troubled times.”

– Mike Garrett, first Editor/ Publisher for Stephen King and Author of Christian Novel “Innocence Denied”, from USA

Sandcastles Don’t Last Forever


This is the eBook version.

If you prefer to get the Paperback version (physical copy), you can get it on Amazon here for US$15.

If you’re living in Singapore, you can select “Physical Paperback Copy (Including Shipping Fee)” below. As a special limited-time deal, you’ll receive bonus gifts worth S$20 with your order! 

About the Book:

​No matter how high, wide, or beautifully you build it, at the end of the day, a sandcastle will still be washed away by the sea. 

In this Book, you will learn about:​

– Heavenly investment advice and the futility of worldly pursuits from a trillionaire in the Bible

– Why God has to reward us in order to be righteous

– When and how God will destroy the current earth and sky to make way for new ones

– The types of fireproof works that earn eternal rewards at the end of time

– The abundant rewards of doing good works while abiding by the non-disclosure agreement between God and you

– The difference between the temporary places of torment: Sheol and Abaddon

– Who is the Antichrist and his name revealed in the Bible

– What is the Mark of the Beast and why it disqualifies its recipients from receiving salvation

– The different judgments at the throne of Jesus Christ and what it means for you as a believer

– How to fulfill your calling and maximize your gifts to receive the best eternal rewards 

Testimonials about the contents of this book:

“Sandcastles Don’t Last Forever is very well written, its message loud and clear. Milton Goh gives common-sense insight on often confusing Scripture, which is much appreciated in these troubled times. My understanding of the Bible has definitely improved.”

– Mike Garrett, first Editor/ Publisher for Stephen King and Author of Christian Novel “Innocence Denied”, from USA

“This book is absolutely breathtaking. We don’t work to be saved but were created to do good works. I am so energized and excited to know God values our works and we will be rewarded. This is all Glory to Jesus… I cant wait to throw my crowns at his feet and thank him for saving my life!” – Evangelist Michael Clark from USA

“Dear Milton Goh, I truly thank our Abba, Father for the revelations in this book. It is so amazing how I begin to discover important verses in the Bible that I have never read. That instead of following riches, with sleepless nights, and actually shortening our lives, we are just to ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ’, and ‘Love one another’. How beautiful to find out that actually in the Bible there is both ‘Earthly or Worldly Investment Wisdom’ and ‘Eternal Investment Wisdom’ according to the revelations here from Ecclesiastes 5:14-17 WEB)!; “It seems like Solomon was not only wise at earning material riches but also at earning eternal riches.” All the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you Milton Goh for such a wonderful book!” – Nitta Nierra from Belgium

“Thank you Milton. I have just finished reading “Sandcastles Don’t Last Forever”. It’s such a good, blessed-with-God’s-words book. I love it very much. Might read again if I have the time. Thanks so much!” – Mally Chai from Singapore

“I’m reading this book and loving it! The revelations of the Gospel truth shared and it’s life applications are absolutely amazing! I give glory to the Lord Jesus for my dear brother Milton for this exceptional resource. I’m gonna keep feeding on its contents and believe God for supernatural breakthroughs as my mind is renewed in Christ!” – Terence from Tombel, Cameroon 

* The PDF file of this eBook will be sent to you via email manually after your purchase is confirmed. 

Brother Yun's book,

Brother Yun’s book, “The Heavenly Man” is a must read for any believer. I feel so blessed to have met him today and he even autographed my copy of his book! Praise Jesus!

​I hope that you have been blessed by reading this post on Brother Yun (The Heavenly Man) Kingdom Invasion Sermon Notes.

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    Hi I'm Milton Goh,  26, from Singapore. I am married to a beautiful wife and have one adorable 3 year old daughter. I am a Christian writer/author and I blog on this website about Christian, Parenting and Lifestyle content. Thanks for reading!

    Hello I am Milton Goh,
    26, from Singapore. I’m married to a ravishing spouse and have one lovable three yr outdated daughter. I’m a Christian author/writer and I weblog on this web site about Christian, Parenting and Way of life content material. Thanks for studying!

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