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A majestic lion captured in the video by The John 10:10 ProjectEvery one of many greater than six million species of animals on the earth is a masterpiece of divine organic design, engineering, and artistry.

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Mirror upon the glory and brilliance of God’s inventive energy within the video beneath: an unforgettable two-minute celebration of life on Earth set to the music of Beethoven’s Ode to Pleasure from The John 1010 Venture (@John1010proj).

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And God mentioned, “Let the land produce dwelling creatures in response to their sorts: the livestock, the creatures that transfer alongside the bottom, and the wild animals, every in response to its type.” And it was so. God made the wild animals in response to their sorts, the livestock in response to their sorts, and all of the creatures that transfer alongside the bottom in response to their sorts. And God noticed that it was good.
Genesis 1:24-25

Let Wilderness flip cartwheels,
    Animals, come dance,
Put each tree of the forest within the choir—
    An extravaganza earlier than God as he comes,
As he involves set every little thing proper on earth,
    Set every little thing proper, deal with everybody honest.
Psalm 96:12-13

Reward the Lord from the earth,
    you creatures of the ocean depths,
hearth and hail, snow and clouds,
    wind and climate that obey him,
mountains and all hills,
    fruit timber and all cedars,
wild animals and all livestock,
    small scurrying animals and birds,
kings of the earth and all individuals,
    rulers and judges of the earth,
younger males and younger girls,
    previous males and youngsters.
Psalm 148:7-12

However ask the animals, and they’re going to instruct you;
ask the birds of the sky, and they’re going to inform you.
Or converse to the earth, and it’ll instruct you;
let the fish of the ocean inform you.
Which of all these doesn’t know
that the hand of the Lord has carried out this?
The life of each dwelling factor is in his hand,
in addition to the breath of all mankind.
Job 12:7-10

Reward the Everlasting!
Reward the True God inside His temple.
    Reward Him beneath large skies, below moonlit stars and rising solar.
Reward Him for His highly effective acts, redeeming His individuals.
    Reward Him for His greatness that surpasses our time and understanding.

Reward Him with the blast of trumpets excessive into the heavens,
    and reward Him with harps and lyres
    and the rhythm of the tambourines skillfully performed by those that love and concern the Everlasting.
Reward Him with singing and dancing;
    reward Him with flutes and strings of all types!
Reward Him with crashing cymbals,
    loud clashing cymbals!
Nobody must be disregarded;
    Let each man and each beast—
    each creature that has the breath of the Lord—reward the Everlasting!
Reward the Everlasting!
Psalm 150

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