I [M 37] have a new child child boy with my gf [F 30] (unplanned) and he or she has repeatedly criticized the way in which I work together with our boy. Particularly, when he cries I’ll decide him up in my arms and have a look at him and begin considering of how to appease him, versus what she does, which is to do quite a lot of child speaking, cooing, and kissing. She then added that her father additionally agrees that the way in which I work together with our son is “distant.” And I used to be extremely offended, and took as an insult that my son could undergo a neurological dysfunction sooner or later as a result of I do not love him sufficient. I informed her I used to be actually insulted and he or she informed me, as a substitute of being insulted, I ought to take into account it constructive criticism. She additionally stated she was not accusing me of not loving him, however slightly criticizing the way in which I work together with him and that I needs to be much less “chilly.” I stated not everybody loves their youngster in the identical manner (and we’re from two totally different cultures — I’m from a big US metropolis and he or she is from Argentina).

I informed my sister [F 47] this, and my sister began calling me “an abused partner” and that I sound pathetic for placing up with my gf, and that my gf is insulting me within the worst manner potential. I received mad at my sister for insulting me and we stopped speaking.

Was I overreacting in how I took what my gf stated? Was my sister? Is what my gf stated really abusive and insulting?

tl;dr – gf accused me being too distant with new child b/c I do not child discuss sufficient and that I will give him autism