“Take Me As I Am, Lord, And Make Me All Thine Personal.”


Nehemiah 5:1-6:19

are we to do after we face those that are ‘scheming to hurt’ the Lord’s
servants and the Lord’s work? – We’re to commit ourselves to the ‘work’
of the Lord. We’re to ‘pray’ for His power (6:2; 5:16; 6:9).
Critics of the Lord’s work need to argue with us. Are we to ‘come down’
to their degree, going spherical in circles with arguments that lead us
nowhere? Nehemiah reveals us a greater means, God’s means – ‘I’m doing an awesome
work and I can’t come down. Why ought to the work cease whereas I go away it
and are available right down to you?’(6:3). ‘Finishing the work with the assistance of our
God’(6:15-16) – That is the very best ‘argument’ towards the critics of
Christ and His Gospel. Preserve working for God and pray that’ many will see
and concern, and put their belief within the Lord’(Psalm 40:3).

Nehemiah 7:1-73

sort of individuals are we? Are we ‘devoted and God-fearing’ individuals’(2)? It
is very easy to lose our means and turn into ‘unclean’(64)? What are we to do
after we lose our means, after we neglect the Lord, after we wander off from
Him? We should return to the Lord. We should start once more with Him,
confessing our sin, receiving His forgiveness and studying to stay in
the facility of the Holy Spirit. These phrases could show you how to to make a brand new
starting with God: ‘There’s a means again to God from the darkish paths of
sin. There’s a door that’s open and you might go in: at Calvary’s Cross
is the place you start, while you come as a sinner to Jesus’. ‘Cleanse me
from my sin, Lord. Put Thy energy inside, Lord. Take me as I’m, Lord,
and make me all Thine personal…’(Mission Reward, 682, 82).


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