Is Marijuana Ever Okay for Christians?


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Joshua Ryan Butler: On the subject of marijuana, I believe that there’s a distinction, I ought to say, between a prohibition class and a knowledge class. I don’t assume Scripture has an specific prohibition that claims, “Hey, you simply can’t,” you already know. Perhaps within the day when it was unlawful in lots of states and we need to obey the legal guidelines of the land, however now that that’s gone, I don’t assume it falls into an specific biblical prohibition.

So I do assume there’s form of a biblical freedom at one degree that we don’t need to arrange a legislation or rule that the Scripture doesn’t itself place. But, I do assume the query, in my thoughts, involves form of a class of knowledge. Even when it’s permissible to make use of it, is it smart to make use of it? Personally and pastorally, I’d have some massive reservations and would argue that I believe it’s not smart.

A few of these can be, you already know, folks typically make the comparability to it being like alcohol. We see that there are acceptable makes use of of alcohol in Scripture and all, however I do assume there’s some vital variations and distinctions. A kind of can be I believe it’s so much more durable to make use of weed to form of toke up and never get the equal of what with alcohol can be intoxicated, proper.

It looks as if it’s a really low bar to succeed in that degree of intoxication with weed. Likewise, I don’t know for each particular person, but it surely does seem to be, in our tradition, using weed and marijuana is geared in the direction of form of disconnecting and disengaging from life and from folks.

You see, in alcohol, even in Scripture, when it’s used appropriately and moderational, that a part of the objective is group and celebration and themes of bringing folks collectively to rejoice what God’s executed, to rejoice the life that He’s given and all. But, in distinction to that, marijuana appears to have form of an individualistic bent that pulls you away from folks, pulls you inside your self, causes you to turn into extra disengaged, not solely from folks, but in addition form of from life on the whole.

One among my greatest associates rising up started smoking weed extra in highschool, and over the course of about three years, I noticed him simply absolutely disconnect and unplug from relationships and actions. We used to surf collectively, and write music collectively, and go on adventures collectively, and go outside. Progressively, all these issues began slipping away, and he simply wished to sit down in his room all day and smoke out.

I’m not saying that that’s everybody, however I do assume there’s form of a trajectory in that form of going inward path that could be a warning signal, would recommend form of an unwise use there.

Lastly, I do assume even simply virtually, using marijuana being linked over time to psychological well being problems and issues of that nature, I believe we need to be of sound thoughts longterm as a lot as we are able to to have the ability to look after our households, our communities, our church buildings, our associates and never do issues that might jeopardize or militate towards us having the ability to be current to like and to function Christ would have us in these methods.

Thomas Terry: Yeah. That’s nice. I additionally would put it within the class of knowledge. I might by no means, as a pastor, say to one of many members of my congregation, “Yeah, be at liberty to get pleasure from marijuana recreationally,” simply because I additionally really feel such as you actually can’t have sound thoughts while you’re excessive.

I believe lots of people provide you with this false concept that there’s a practical excessive and it simply form of keys you out and also you’re okay. However I’ve by no means skilled that, personally. Earlier than I used to be a Christian, I smoked marijuana to, such as you mentioned, disengage from each folks and points.

So I’d truly ask folks in my congregation, “What’s the motive for the will to unhinge from group and unhinge from actuality?” After which start to ask the extra deeper and important questions like, “The place does this need come from?What are you experiencing in your life that’s inflicting so that you can need to escape?”

I imply, it’s the identical query you’d ask any person who constantly can be intoxicated. “What’s it that you’re working from? What’s it that you’re escaping?” I believe the problem with marijuana is it’s form of like a one hit and executed, and so that you’re instantly in that place of intoxication. So I additionally would put it within the class of knowledge.

There’s some distinctive challenges medicinally. Some folks use it for medicinal functions, and that I’d actually need to flesh that out with a member of my congregation, however within the class of leisure, I couldn’t in good conscience inform them to partake in marijuana recreationally.


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