Feast Day of Saints Priscilla and Aquila July 8


A primary century married couple, Priscilla and Aquila are counted among the many unique Seventy Disciples. Described by the Apostle Paul as “fellow staff in Christ Jesus,” they’re talked about six occasions in 4 totally different books of the New Testomony.  They’re by no means referred to individually, however due to their depth of oneness in religion and love for Christ, are all the time talked about as a pair. Listed below are the six Biblical references and vital information gleaned from them:

    • Acts 18: 2-3    They shared the occupation of tentmakers with the Apostle Paul
    •  Acts 18:8        Priscilla and Aquila set sail from Corinth, Greece, with Paul
    • Acts 18:26      In Ephesus, they encountered Apollos, an eloquent preacher, who obtained and accepted correct counsel from them relating to the tenets of Baptism
    • Romans 16:3 Paul despatched greetings to Priscilla and Aquila, calling them his “co-workers in Christ who risked their lives for me.”
    • 1 Cor 16:19    Paul despatched heat greetings of their title to the Church in Corinth
    • 2 Tim 4:19     Paul, underneath persecution and in worry, despatched greetings to his
      form and constant buddies, Priscilla and Aquila


  •  The missionary journey of Priscilla and Aquila started in Rome from which they have been expelled by Emperor Claudius. They traveled to Corinth in Greece and established a tent-making store and employed the Apostle Paul. They opened their house to gatherings of Christians and Paul himself baptized them there. Finally, Paul took the couple with him to the Greek metropolis of Ephesus, the place they settled, whereas he traveled on to Antioch in Turkey. Their house in Ephesus was used as a spot of worship, and the couple evangelized and taught many concerning the love of Christ. Upon the loss of life of Emperor Claudius in 54 AD, Emperor Nero reversed the Jewish expulsion decree, and Aquila and Priscilla returned to Rome, the place they have been warmly welcomed by the Christian church. When “The Nice Hearth” occurred in Rome on July 19, 63AD, and destroyed 70% of town, the Christians have been in the end blamed and Aquila and Priscilla have been amongst these martyred.  

    Ruins of Historic Corinth the place Priscilla and Aquila made tents and employed the Apostle Paul

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