Energy Healing: Expectations Vs Reality

Intention directs power therapeutic. Intention can also be one of the crucial highly effective manifesters in your life as all the pieces you suppose, you create. I discover this extraordinarily thrilling as you possibly can create the expertise you need if you set the proper intentions. Nonetheless, intention doesn’t discriminate between optimistic and damaging, and it’ll create what you suppose. So in case you are considering negatively, you’ll set the intention to create that. Maintaining monitor of your intention just isn’t at all times simple as there are other ways you possibly can take into consideration an consequence. One of the vital potent methods of doing that is by expectations.

What Is An Expectation?

An expectation is something you suppose you count on. It prejudges what the result will likely be that can both make you content or will not make you content. It creates a future earlier than one thing occurs and already units in movement how you’ll react, suppose or take motion. In the event you take a step again from this, you possibly can see that that is a particularly highly effective intention. It is usually extraordinarily restrictive because it prevents the universe from offering what you need in a pure approach. It limits the result and reduces your probabilities of manifesting abundance and optimistic experiences. It’s the worst kind of damaging intention. An expectation is a strong intention that limits what is feasible for you. An expectation takes you out of the pure move of the universe. It binds you to an consequence that you simply created, which is much lower than the pure unlimitedness of what the universe can present.

When working with power, your intention is important because it directs what the energies will do. With this in thoughts, it’s vital that when embarking on any power therapeutic apply that you simply shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations. The one useful expectation is to wish to study from the experiences you might have, regardless of the expertise. This opens up your intention to discovering belongings you have no idea and study, subsequently rising and transferring ahead. It does not matter what the expertise is, and it will likely be a profit. If one thing doesn’t match your expectation, then cease and take a look at what may be learnt from the expectation you created, what the truth of the state of affairs is and take from the expertise and study from it. Don’t deal with unrealistic expectations.

For instance, Joe at all times feels energies as a tingle in her fingers. That is how she at all times feels energies and is how she judges all energies. Joe accepts an attunement and doesn’t really feel tingles in her fingers. She judges the energies as not flowing and the attunement as not working. She doesn’t activate the energies. That is an unrealistic expectation. The energies could also be displaying Joe a brand new approach of sensing energies, however Joe’s expectations block the universe, educating her one thing new or bringing ahead a singular non secular present. If she had let go of her unrealistic expectation, she may need found a brand new non secular present, a brand new non secular information, a brand new path, enlightenment and many others. Joe won’t ever know as she blocked it, and these experiences won’t ever be identified to her. How limiting! If Joe had practical expectations and seemed for discoveries in her expertise, she may have put herself ready of limitless potential. Take into consideration how unimaginable this may very well be for a second. Say it in your thoughts, ‘Limitless potential’. Do not block limitless potential with unrealistic expectations.

Vitality Therapeutic Unrealistic Expectations

Figuring out unrealistic expectations may be difficult. The next areas inside power therapeutic are likely to evoke probably the most unrealistic expectations.


You’ll undoubtedly have seen the phrase highly effective used typically in power therapeutic circles. Hey, I’ve even used the phrase on this weblog submit! Highly effective is a particularly subjective phrase and may imply absolutely anything to anybody. Usually when the phrase highly effective is used, it conjures up robust reactions to the move of power. It additionally typically means that you need to expertise a strong impact of the power or it isn’t appropriate. The issue with this unrealistic expectation is that what’s highly effective for me might not be highly effective for you. What’s highly effective for you might not be highly effective for me. It may be a really limiting time period in the event you set your expectations firmly on having a strong expertise. Typically probably the most important experiences are with softer energies and discoveries in quiet moments of contemplation. That is really highly effective, not the unrealistic expectation of forceful energy.

How Energies Really feel

In the event you work with energies, you might have unrealistic expectations of how energies should really feel or be perceived. That is extraordinarily limiting because the intention behind that is saying if the energies don’t match your expectation, then they don’t seem to be proper. This prevents the universe from offering and spirit from guiding you. Do not let this unrealistic expectation block your limitless potential as Joe did within the instance above.


Typically unrealistic expectations can management how lengthy the universe has to ship your anticipated outcomes. In the event you work with power therapeutic and have an unrealistic expectation that you’ll obtain your outcomes by a particular time, you might have simply restricted what the energies might present. Typically you’ll work on sure energetic ideas your whole life as it’s your life’s function. Attempt not set expectations on how and in what timeframe the universe should present outcomes. Keep in mind, power therapeutic is all about studying and discovering. That is the one optimistic expectation.

Effort Required

All power therapeutic requires effort and motion. This can be a very important a part of optimistic intention. With out motion, you’ll not obtain the outcomes you need. It’s an unrealistic expectation to simply accept an attunement and do no work to then obtain the outcomes. I see this unrealistic expectation come up typically in my each day work with purchasers. The purchasers who don’t obtain outcomes are those who don’t learn the handbook, hearken to strategies, reply questions or take time to activate and work with the energies. Your outcomes will likely be based mostly on the intention, motion and expectations you might have. If you don’t put the hassle in you’ll get nothing out.


Moments of enlightenment may be life altering in the event you work with them. However discover I used the phrase ‘moments’. I did this on function as enlightenment just isn’t a steady expertise. Enlightenment is commonly chased after as a form of constant psychological/non secular state the place you might have all of the solutions of the universe as your fingertips. The issue with this unrealistic expectation is that you’re human. You’re right here to study and uncover (the one practical expectation). What are you able to probably study in case you are in a continuing state of bliss? You’ll be able to’t, and subsequently, you don’t develop, which ends up in non secular stagnation, which is the place the universe will set off a studying expertise, typically very instantly. A sensible expectation of enlightenment is to count on moments of non secular readability and take these discoveries and work with them and put them into motion. Study, develop and uncover.

Psychic Growth

All of us have psychic or non secular items. Some psychic senses will likely be stronger than others, however all of us have the opportunity of sensing energies round us, regardless of how we obtain this. The brutal fact is that psychic growth requires a lifetime of apply. In the event you suppose which you can settle for an attunement and be intensely psychic, that is extraordinarily unlikely. Attunements are energetic instruments that goal to help your growth. Growth is an motion phrase which entails planning, dedication, time and quite a lot of apply. Growth is a long run apply. There may be nothing within the phrase growth that implies a fast repair. Your journey of psychic growth is what brings insights, discoveries and finally satisfaction and fulfilment.

Working With Optimistic Expectations

Studying and discovering from expertise is the one optimistic expectation. To examine that you simply solely work with this highly effective intention, at all times ask what you might have learnt from an power therapeutic expertise. Even in the event you really feel you might have achieved what you needed from an power therapeutic expertise, nonetheless ask this query of your self. This fashion, you might be making certain that each optimistic and damaging experiences are opened as much as limitless potential.

For instance, in the event you settle for an attunement and the energies really feel very intense, and so they go away you feeling grounded, mild and completely happy, do not simply take this as a optimistic expertise, particularly if this was your expectation. Query why you felt the energies in such a approach. Might or not it’s on account of the way you have been feeling when accepting the attunement? Might or not it’s the time of day or kind of power? Did you sense something acquainted or unfamiliar? Why was this? Dig deep. You are attempting to seek out issues that you could be not have thought of earlier than and study one thing new. If you do that, you might be open to the universe offering limitless potential. This can be a practical expectation.


Unrealistic expectations are highly effective damaging intentions that block the universe from offering limitless potential. The one optimistic expectation is to study and uncover new experiences from each expertise you might have. Query each therapeutic consequence (optimistic or damaging) and study and uncover one thing new from each expertise.