Refuting racist misreadings of the Curse of Ham – Curious Christian


Robert Boyle—a seventeenth-century scientist who additionally was a theologian and a religious Christian—refuted the concept blackness was brought on by the curse of Ham, in his e book Experiments and Concerns Touching Colors (1664). He wrote:

“And never solely we don’t discover expressed within the Scripture, that the Curse meant by Noah to Cham, was the Blackness of his Posterity, however we do discover plainly sufficient there that the Curse was fairly one other factor, specifically that he needs to be a Servant of Servants, that’s by an Ebraism, a really Abject Servant to his Brethren, which accordingly did partly come to move, when the Israelites of the posterity of Sem, subdued the Canaanites, that descended from Cham, and saved them in nice Subjection. Neither is it evident that Blackness is a Curse, for Navigators inform us of Black Nations, who assume a lot in any other case of their very own situation, that they paint the Satan White. Neither is Blackness inconsistent with Magnificence, which even to our European Eyes consists not a lot in Color, as an Advantageous Stature, a Comely Symmetry of the elements of the Physique, and Good Options within the Face. In order that I see not why Blackness needs to be thought such a Curse to the Negroes… “


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