On this submit, I’ve written about two Videshan Prayog or Voodoo Revenge Spells to Separate a person and a girl or all of the individuals or enemies who’re residing collectively in a home by making them struggle with one another and turn out to be sworn enemies of one another.

These are Aghora or Fearsome Voodoo Revenge Spells for dividing enemies or any man or lady who’ve wronged you by making them struggle with one another and turn out to be enemies.

As these are standalone Revenge Spells, they don’t want the chanting of any form of Mantra or Prayer.

To make all of the members of a home struggle with one another
1] The practitioner has to take the objects talked about under on a Sunday.
A] Some Mustard Seeds [Sarson Ke Beej]
B] Mud from a Place the place 4 roads meet [Chourahe Ki Dhool]
C] The ash of a cremated physique from a crematorium [Shamshan Bhumi Mein Se Ek Chita Ki Rakh]

These three objects must be blended collectively and thrown into the home by which you need the members of that home to struggle with one another.

This Videshan Tantra will make all of the folks staying in that home struggle with one another and turn out to be sworn enemies.

To separate a person and a girl
This Tantra is often used to separate two lovers, husband and spouse or the opposite man or different lady.

On any Sunday, the practitioner has to acquire the some hair of the lady and any piece of the clothes utilized by the person [even a handkerchief used by the man can be used].

These two objects must be burned to ash after which the ash needs to be filtered via a tremendous strainer or muslin fabric. This needs to be performed in order to take away any laborious particles and make the ash tremendous and clean.

Then, a pinch of this ash needs to be blended in any meals stuff, snack, candy, chilly drink or beverage and given to each the person and lady to eat or drink.

This Videshan Tantra will separate that man and lady by making them struggle with one another.

The Hindi language video of this Tantra to Separate a Man and Lady or all of the individuals residing in a home may be seen on our YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6kpTcJC5qQ

Notes-For each these Spells, the objects which might be used for these Voodoo Separation Experiments must be obtained on a Sunday and blended collectively or burnt to ash on the identical Sunday and stored apart. However, the precise Videshan Prayog may be forged as and when wanted on any day.

Excessive warning ought to be exercised earlier than making an attempt these Voodoo Spells and they need to solely be used when there aren’t any choices left and the folks on whom you’re utilizing these spells are merciless or unjust individuals.

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