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Written By Liz Oakes

Ametrine has a robust therapeutic power that releases negativity from inside the aura, and aids weight reduction, in addition to serving to you to launch your addictions.

 It helps to improve psychological and religious readability, whereas on the identical time uniting masculine and female energies.


This can be a kind of quartz that could be a combination of Amethyst and Citrine,
each types of quartz crystal. They are going to amplify the power of the
vibration of each of the stones that it’s made up of.

These are helpful therapeutic crystals so that you can profit from as they embody the power of each of the above crystals, which can enable you if
you’re finding out.

The vibration of those beautiful stones is extremely helpful as they’re a
harmonious mix of the energies of each of the quartz varieties that they embody.

The Citrine power inside
this stone lets you keep centered, in addition to utilizing the Amethyst
vibration inside it, the upper energies of the crown chakra, for

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The place Is It From? Ametrine That means

The title of this crystal pertains to a merging of the phrases Amethyst and Citrine, as this stone is alike each, and embodies the vibration of each of those quartz crystals.

This crystal is normally clear, and its shade is an fascinating combination of the golden yellow shade of Citrine blended with the stunning purple shade of Amethyst Crystals.

Pure Ametrine specimens exhibit various attributes of the 2 stones, in differing shade mixtures, some with extra purple and others with beautiful golden patterns via them.

It’s pretty straightforward to seek out these stones, regardless that they don’t seem to be as widespread as both Yellow Citrine or Purple Amethyst Crystals. Most sources come from South America, from Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Unites Masculine and Female Power

Ametrine is a quartz crystal selection, so like all quartz, is a robust amplifier of power. They’ve inside them the vibration of Citrine Crystals, which is the power of the photo voltaic plexus chakra and the ‘will’.

If you mix this vibration with the ‘understanding’ from the crown chakra by way of the Amethyst Crystals power, the ensuing combination is a strong energetic vibration.

But the power of this crystal is altogether totally different to both of the opposite stones. Ametrine crystals present a connection between the greater energies of the crown, and the power of the bodily, from the photo voltaic plexus chakra.


This connection will help you to convey your considering from the bodily each day realm, into the religious realm.

This can improve psychological and religious readability, in addition to uniting masculine and female energies. A reference to Divine steering may be very helpful for anybody, however notably so for healers.

This can be a helpful crystal for skilled healers. It permits the healer to make selections based mostly on greater steering, and aligned with Divine Will.

Why Would You Use It?

There are a selection of motive why you may select to make use of these crystals together with:

  • It’s a particularly great tool for these within the therapeutic career to
    make the most of, and additionally it is very useful for the typical individual to make use of,
    to work on themselves at dwelling.
  • In case you are engaged on losing a few pounds, the power of one in all these quartz
    crystals will help you, as they’re crystals that help weight reduction.
  • Like Amethyst crystals they’re helpful when you have
    addictions, as they are going to enable you to let go of the compulsions related to them.

It’ll clear stress and rigidity from the top, and can convey extra power down into the bodily to be used or launch.

Citrine power will improve your will, and the Amethyst vibration helps
you to interrupt self-defeating habits, that could be holding you again. Their power can be stated to alleviate melancholy, anxiousness and stress. 

The Citrine Crystal vibration lets you enhance your creativity, and its reference to the crown, the very best chakra within the physique could help psychic artists of their work.

How To Use It… Sporting These Stones

Be taught a simple approach to meditate, as by way of its motion in meditation, it is going to help you to hyperlink to the religious realms. Use it to do a each day crystal meditation.

Upon getting linked to its power, maintain this crystal on you all day, as it is going to help you total in your life.

this crystal to make a religious connection is highly effective, as as soon as a
connection is made it is going to align the photo voltaic plexus with the crown

This may occasionally enable you to boost each your psychological and religious readability, and plan to dwell life from a perspective of Divine Will.  It’s straightforward to purchase jewellery constituted of this stone together with beautiful pendants.

Ametrine Amethyst & CitrineAmetrine Amethyst & Citrine Pendant

It’s straightforward and helpful to maintain a bit of this crystal inside your aura, for so long as doable throughout every day.

It usually has fairly placing golden yellow colours inside the purple, and these stones are very enticing and have wonderful metaphysical properties.

These beautiful stones are on the checklist of zodiac birthstones, and carrying an Ametrine pendant or a beautiful ring constituted of one in all these stone, is one approach to maintain this beautiful crystal inside your aura.

Sporting Ametrine jewelrcould also be useful to you, and should give you methods to let go of stress, as they assist to create peace and inside concord.

Who Ought to Use It? How Will It Assist You?

They’re a Libra in addition to a Pisces birthstone, and it’s straightforward to purchase Ametrine jewellery. Attractive Ametrine birthstone jewellery is offered and is sort of stunning.

These quartz crystals have many wonderful qualities, that they are going to
convey via into your life. They’re wonderful crystals to make use of in

After you might have traveled to the upper realms with its
help, it is going to help you to convey the power again right down to earth.

This may occasionally enable you to take motion on the bodily stage utilizing photo voltaic plexus power and the need, and based mostly on Divine steering, their vibration could help you to make highly effective modifications in your life.


The principle factor is to maintain it near you, so even a tumblestone or
tough stone can be useful. If you happen to favor, it’s straightforward to slide one in all
these stones below your pillow, or a small one in your pocket.

girls maintain a number of stones of their bras, particularly if they’re working
on any of the chakras from the photo voltaic plexus up. These
stones are an attractive and great tool to make use of in your life.

help you to attach along with your greater self, and use the energy of
your will to hold via what you realized from Divine sources.

“To be a thinker is just not merely to have refined ideas, however so love knowledge as to dwell in accordance with its dictates.” Henry David Thoreau.

Combining It With Different Stones

Ametrine stones mix nicely with different quartz crystals, and mix notably nicely with the gorgeous yellow Citrine Crystals and Amethyst as this will likely intensify these energies inside the stones.

Combining it with Rose quartz brings the guts into play, and your actions turn into extra coronary heart based mostly. This mix is highly effective, as having your mind connecting to your coronary heart, may be very fascinating.

It blends nicely with the stunning Pink Rose Quartz, because it brings via the robust power of affection, from the guts chakra.

This mixture is vital, as this quartz selection holds the power of the photo voltaic plexus chakra, the seat of the need. It additionally combines nicely with different stones which can be carefully associated to it.

This contains various types of quartz, together with Purple Amethyst Crystals or Chevron Amethyst, Aqua Aura Quartz, Lithium Quartz, Amegreen, Chlorite In Quartz,  Chlorite Quartz, Golden Healer and Prasiolite or Inexperienced Amethyst.

Fire QuartzFireplace Quartz
Chlorite QuartzChlorite Quartz
Golden Healer ClusterGolden Healer Cluster

Additionally use it with among the excessive vibration crystal power stones, together with Blue Kyanite, Phenacite and Moldavite.

Moldavite is highly effective together with it, as it is going to enlarge the power of this stone.

It combines nicely with among the different photo voltaic plexus chakra stones. This does depend upon how a lot of the golden photo voltaic colours that your precise Ametrine gemstone has inside it.

The energies of golden stones like the gorgeous yellow Citrine Crystals, Heliodor, Golden Apatite, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Golden Chrysoberyl, Yellow Scapolite and Golden Labradorite mix nicely with it.

Golden ChrysoberylGolden Chrysoberyl
Yellow ScapoliteYellow Scapolite

Extra Footage Of This Stone

Ametrine Gemstone PendantAmetrine Gemstone Pendant with a rainbow in it
AmetrinePure Ametrine

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