When is the final time you actually thought of what’s love?

Folks in all walks of life are in pursuit of affection inside relationships, however what’s that precisely? Some of their pursuit of affection are chasing ardour, whereas others are wanting happiness, however is happiness love. Many individuals consciously or unconsciously construct their concept of affection from the films they watch, the music they take heed to, or the folks they admire, however is that the place one learns love.

Does your concept of affection match the fact of affection?

An concept is simply that, an concept. It’s a thought shaped in your thoughts. Simply since you considered an ideal plan, doesn’t imply the execution of that plan will prove nice. That’s the place actuality comes into play. It’s vital to match one’s concepts with actuality, in any other case you might be residing in a fantasy. On this podcast episode we discuss in regards to the actuality of affection. It’s the actuality of affection that may play out in our lives. If I’ve an accurate understanding of affection, then I can be certain that my pursuit of affection in obtainable.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace & Keonte McDonald


Spotlight Scriptures:

“These items I’ve spoken to you, that My pleasure could stay in you, and that your pleasure could also be full. That is My commandment, that you simply love each other as I’ve beloved you. Better love has nobody than this, than to put down one’s life for his pals (John 15:11-13, NKJV).