Is Canada Arresting Christian Pastors and Banning Public Preaching?


My newsfeed has included loads of posts in regards to the current arrest of David Lynn, a Christian evangelist. He had been preaching on the streets of a largely homosexual neighbourhood in Toronto throughout Delight Month.

One article responding to this was titled, Sure, Canada Is Truly Arresting Christian Pastors And Banning Them From Preaching In Public. That is one other instance of fear-mongering amongst Christians that has me actually involved.

One other instance is that this one: Pastor Arrested for Preaching Towards Homosexuality. The title argues that he was arrested for preaching about homosexuality whereas the article claims that he didn’t preach towards homosexuality. That’s simply unhealthy reporting.

This text, and lots of comparable ones, make it sound as if Canada is actively arresting Christian pastors and stopping any public expression of the Christian religion. As a Canadian pastor, I can say that’s not the case.

You’ll be able to watch the video of the incident right here:

I’m not going to say that the behaviour of the group was utterly applicable. There possible was some anti-Christian emotions by a few of them.

However David Lynn was actually asking for hassle by doing this. It was not sensible to go road preaching in a homosexual neighbourhood throughout Delight Month. What was he hoping to perform? He will need to have recognized that this could trigger a disturbance.

And this isn’t nearly LGBTQ both. One thing comparable would have occurred if a Christian evangelist went right into a Muslim neighbourhood throughout Ramadan. It’s simply not sensible.

There may be actual persecution of Christians happening all the world. There are people who find themselves being arrested and even killed for figuring out as a follower of Jesus. However that’s not the case in Canada.

I’ve no worry of being arrested. Nor do I feel that the federal government goes to cease me from publicly expressing my religion. However that’s as a result of I attempt to do it in respectful and applicable methods.

When expressing our religion, we have to anticipate our viewers, decide our objectives and do it in applicable methods. Setting ourselves up for a hostile response with no actual hope of a constructive consequence will not be the way in which to go about it.

Greater than that, we must always not use these incidents as methods to create a tradition of worry and hate. Report on the occasion for what it was and don’t declare one thing that isn’t true.

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