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You heard of “ascension“, or “the shift” however maybe you aren’t positive what which means. If in case you have come right here questioning in case you are on the ascension course of, likelihood is you’re. Individuals started coming collectively from throughout the globe, asking the identical query: Am I on the ascension journey? What are the signs am experiencing?

Maybe the identical occurred to you, you started noticing totally different facets of your self come up, you discover modifications on the planet, and in your self. Maybe you expertise many various sensations and signs with no obvious trigger; maybe Google search has introduced you right here now. so let’s begin answering your questions by going again to the fundamentals.

This can be a direct channeling from lighted beings.

In easy phrases, Ascension is the trail of your being that returns to the excessive vibrational, loving oneness state of existence. As you could have come into this world, you had been confronted with many challenges, many paths, and fears begun to affix you, they made you doubt who you’re, and so they made you observe actuality by means of a special lens. By way of your bodily journey, that lasted lifetimes of reincarnations, you could have confronted a lot resistance, so many hardships that made you distant your self out of your reality. Let’s take a step again right here and clarify who this true model of you is.

You the earth angel

Think about an angel, the model of an angel that you recognize and love. They’re beings of unconditional love, interior peace, and reality. They’re all-powerful, they’re nonphysical beings, and they’re smart as they understand data by means of nonphysical views. Their understanding has no boundaries, their religious presents vary from vitality therapeutic to earth guardians, to leaping dimensions and serving to different souls increase. They’re of their purest type of creation. By way of their experiences, they solely acquire information and develop into extra related with all that’s. They exist in excessive vibrational dimensions that help their pure being. In consequence, they expertise and react by means of all these feelings and traits that outline these experiences, that knowledge, and people dimensions. These feelings are final love, bliss, and oneness.

Now let’s assume that you’re an angel (which for many of you that is perhaps true). As this angel model of you, you wished to assist others, to assist them return to extra love, to assist them discover their life’s path, otherwise you wished to know the human perspective so to extra tremendously help whereas in spirit, or for another non-egoistic purpose, you selected to reincarnate on earth as a bodily being.

Earth and dimensions

Now earth nonetheless sustains dimensions of expression and being, which are a lot, a lot decrease than what you had been used to within the nonphysical. If you happen to used to reside within the seventh or Ninth airplane of dimension, now earth exists within the third dimension residing. Because of this the vitality on earth is far heavier. The decrease the dimension, the denser the emotions, and the extra disconnect there’s from the final word emotions of affection and subsequently out of your true state of being.

So whilst you had been used to loving frequencies, now you’re crammed with the teachings and experiences that exist right here: wrestle, ache, hate, concern and usually thus far off out of your true purest model of your angel self.

Whereas on this bodily earth airplane, you continue to observe from larger dimensions, however it’s not as simple to take action. That’s as a result of earth is affected by most beings reside on it, and if these different people observe and exist within the third dimension, then the overall earth dimension is normally based mostly on the third airplane. And so you start your bodily journey.

The Human DNA blueprints

As you could have come from the dimension of final love, you’re extra related than others to larger dimensions. However the extra reincarnations you could have on earth, the extra you’re crammed with lesser experiences, and you start to watch and react from a lesser vibration. After every reincarnation, you acquire increasingly blueprints that originate from low vibration and consequently, every reincarnation appears to be furthering out of your unique Ninth-dimensional self.

That can assist you perceive these blueprints let’s offer you a quick instance:

You undergo a traumatic expertise that provides you ache, concern, disgrace or another lesser (third) dimensional emotion that disconnects you additional out of your reality. That have might need introduced you information, might need helped you in your path to larger knowledge, however you continue to went by means of a lot intense emotional turmoil, that you simply “locked” that have in your DNA reminiscence. Now that blueprint exists in your physique and it’d present up for you in any lifetime. Consider explainable fears that you could have now. You discover no supply of it on this reincarnation, however it does exist in your DNA and comes up for you now, that’s as a result of its supply originates from a earlier life.

So the extra lifetimes you could have on this bodily journey, you start to realize totally different traits as a mechanism to deal with the third dimensional experiences. The right instance of that is the EGO. You start to shut to your self, disconnecting from the reality of all that you’re. You start to query your true essence, as you could have farther from it, then it turns into tough so that you can maintain the feelings of your true kind (that come from larger dimensions), and you finally react and observe and exist in these decrease vibrational dimensions that earth sustains. On this case the third and 4rth.

Now dearest earth angel, you could have develop into extra “human” than “angel”. Your purest kind nonetheless exists, you continue to get glimpses of it by means of what you name instinct, interior figuring out otherwise you may nonetheless carry traits of it, corresponding to “sixth sense”, or psychic communication, however you understand by means of decrease frequency. You type of misplaced your true larger dimensional identification as you stroll on the bodily airplane of the earth and thus the extra density you face.

The method of ascension

What this ascension course of tries to do is to take away the layers of ego, the outdated blueprints of trauma, ache, and hate, that can assist you keep in mind and understand out of your unique, actual model of you.

To do that, first we now have to ensure that the earth can maintain larger frequencies, and that it clears what retains it within the third dimension. So we and lots of, many different lighted beings begun to ship gentle frequencies, on earth to assist it maintain lighter vibrations. We’re on a quest to assist the earth to clear the density, by eradicating what retains it caught in these decrease vibrations.

One large a part of this ascension course of is to raise the people that at the moment reside on it. We assist them clear the outdated blueprints in order that they’ll start to awaken, or reasonably to recollect their true glory. We’re already succeeding on this, however it does take time. We now have already succeeded to clear many layers of concern and darkness a lot so, that the earth has ascended from the third dimension to the 4th. Nonetheless, there’s extra on this journey to efficiently incorporate earth to the fifth dimension which was its unique intent.

Throughout this time, and because the layers of concern are lifted, increasingly individuals start to rediscover their reality, they get impulses to meet their unique paths of being on earth, they started to expertise and maintain purer feelings of affection and pleasure. You’re on this quest on earth right now, and in the event you learn this you’re very nicely alongside your solution to ascension.

In order you could have understood the entire collective vitality that people carry, is necessary to the clearing of the “veil” of phantasm and concern. The extra individuals take away negativity, even whether it is for a short while, and return to purest vibrations, the entire earth shifts in frequency.


Many individuals who reside on earth at the moment have agreed to reincarnate on this time to assist this strategy of ascension, however not all have discovered their solution to this. We don’t decide, in truth, we all know that by means of the layers of the outdated codes, it’s tough for them to find their path to the sunshine. We do assist the method of those people to recollect, we ship them indicators, trails to assist them discover their means, however not many can accomplish this.

In case you are on this path of ascension at the moment, and in the event you discover that our phrases show you how to keep in mind your true identification, then we lovingly welcome you on this path to ascension. We’re very happy that you’ve got discovered your means right here. Know that you’re fulfilling a vital quest, one that may shift the entire strategy of being.

Many individuals on earth at the moment nonetheless bear classes and information that may assist them rework their residing on the bodily. Not all are on this quest of ascension, nonetheless. Those that received’t undergo the ascension course of at the moment will probably be pressured to maintain themselves in larger frequencies as finally, the earth will now not maintain the decrease frequencies. For some this might sound unattainable, they could discover it arduous to accommodate a lot gentle if their frequencies are crammed with outdated codes. Some individuals is not going to obtain ascension on the earth airplane however in spirit. Some souls who is not going to obtain ascension earlier than the earth reaches the fifth, then they may nonetheless reincarnate in different planes the place the human vibration continues to be sustained.


As we now have talked about earlier the trail to ascension continues to be lengthy (in human years) however the velocity and course of of what’s at the moment remodeling is very large and really quick. Not everybody will obtain ascension on the similar time, as your paths are usually not the identical, and you don’t maintain the identical codes. For some the ascension is perhaps easy, simple and quick, for others, it’d really feel intense and longer. The larger query is:

When will earth ascend to the fifth dimension?

Earth has already moved from the third airplane to the 4rth. Some persons are nonetheless caught within the third and may really feel that life is “tougher” for them, and that’s as a result of they’re nonetheless observing from the lesser vibration. Quickly the earth will now not incorporate the third dimension and that may power these nonetheless residing on it to ascend together with it. You at the moment understand from totally different scales of the 4rth dimension, and in case you are studying this, you’re transferring to the upper finish of the 4rth dimension, however you’ll be able to nonetheless bounce again to the bottom 4rth simply.

When you attain the fifth dimension you’ll be able to maintain extra love frequency and emotions of oneness and interior peace than ever earlier than on the bodily airplane. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to nonetheless transfer on to larger dimensions as that may develop into simpler so that you can do now. Consider transferring from the third to the eighth dimension, after which consider transferring from the fifth to the eighth, the leap is less complicated the upper you understand.

There are usually not sure predestined instances when the leap will happen, however we are able to inform you that so much will shift till the yr 2026.

You whom you’re studying this, you’re at the moment on this path that you simply name ascension. The signs that you simply may expertise are proof. To attain a faster path of ascension attempt to maintain your consideration within the lighter feelings, to watch and consider what brings you pleasure and elation. In these larger vibrational moments, you could find glimpses of your self. Don’t worry concerning the signs in the event you expertise any, allow them to raise you larger. You’re in your grant journey of returning dwelling, to your true self. Let this data be sufficient for now.

We love you.”

The ascension guides and beings that show you how to and earth on the trail to larger frequencies.


So are you on the ascension path at the moment? How do you expertise the totally different jumps of vibration? Are you coming to rediscover your unique blueprint and angelic self? Share under.

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