Wednesday 5 June 2019 – Every day Prayer


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Acts 20:28-38. Psalm 67(68):29-30, 33-36. John 17:11-19.
Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth – Psalm 67(68):29-30, 33-36.
‘Holy Father shield them … in order that they be one, as we’re one.’

Within the house of 11 verses in chapter 17 of John’s Gospel, Jesus prays 5 instances for unity amongst his disciples. He prays that they could be one simply as he and the daddy are one.

The oneness of which Jesus speaks is a superb thriller. It’s greater than the company unity that ecumenists promote or the institutional unity we search inside a church beset by factions (fascinating as these objectives are). It’s Jesus’ invitation to us to be drawn individually and collectively into the divine neighborhood of affection, to like as he loves us and because the Father loves him. We replicate that love in our every day lives by our unconditional love for all our brothers and sisters. As Jesus mentioned, ‘By this everybody will know that you’re my disciples, in the event you love each other’ (John 13:35).

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