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I’ve by no means understood the concept of the shadow aspect and sense that it’s nowt however new age nonsense designed to confuse and money in on peoples want for steering and larger understanding. My opinion could be about as welcome as a rabid canine in your yard however, I’ve it on good authority, that I’m appropriate in my evaluation. The Shadow Aspect is conceived to confuse and management folks in search of larger truths and has the ability to tie one in tangled knots without end and a day!

I might chunter on right here however desire to defer to people who know greater than you or I; and so, the next is channelled from The Increased Angelic Realms:

‘Linda is correct together with her evaluation that the shadow aspect is a falsity designed to confuse and disempower folks for there merely is not any such factor – and it’s time that man stopped this nonsensical fact from being propagated. Souls are both gentle, darkish or gray, (detached,) and with this FACT the concept of anyone soul having a shadow aspect is straight away and irrefutably debunked!

In fact, there will likely be those who attempt to argue in another way with linguistic nuance and tough arguments however when one thing is one thing it can’t be in any other case; which is to say {that a} tree is a tree with or with out its shadow!

To take the analogy of the tree one step additional allow us to contemplate a younger sapling planted alone in the course of a area.  Think about this tree because it grows and extra bushes are planted throughout. Till in the future it’s a mighty Oak and is King of the woods! Now this tree has gentle from above but casts shadows upon all the opposite bushes. Does this make this tree darkish or is it simply that it’s greater than the others? My level here’s a tree is a tree is a tree – simply as, a soul is a soul is a soul.

To proceed this analogy, for we right here in The Increased Angelic Realms love a fastidiously crafted analogy, this tree stands tall and now towers above all the opposite small bushes within the forest and but it doesn’t want them hurt however via its presence different smaller bushes wilt and die via lack of vitamins and light-weight. Does this make the mighty Oak ‘darkish’ or is that this only a nuance of nature? In fact, this a nuance of nature. And so, it’s with folks! Individuals are born with their soul and spirit fastened however have the chance via the life they’re gifted to study and step in direction of turning into self actualised; which is to say that they transfer into the sunshine or larger up the ladder to enlightenment and ascension.

The idea, for that’s all it’s, of the shadow aspect was cooked up by the Catholic Church to steep folks in sin and thus wield energy over them via creating concern for a soul damned for eternity – that is full and utter tosh and bunkum and you’ll be properly suggested to step away from any faith which operates with a God that calls for constancy while threatening smash.

There are leaders, losers and followers in life and every soul has distinctive classes, fastidiously conceived previous to incarnation, to study – be that soul gentle, darkish or gray. Anyone soul is appearing strictly in accordance to its true nature and due to this fact there merely is not any shadow aspect to probe for it really doesn’t exist! People who say in any other case are both severely confused or charlatans and, in each instances, must be dismissed as false prophets.

Within the Universe there are 7 Common Legal guidelines considered one of which is The Legislation of Polarity which permits us to know that related states are one and the identical by levels. It’s this legislation which may be misrepresented to substantiate the existence of the shadow aspect however that is self-defeating: for, while The Legislation of Polarity discusses the acute states of being of, for example joyful/unhappy, gentle/darkish –  these states of being are literally one and the identical – by levels. Due to this fact, The Legislation of Polarity succinctly demonstrates that the idea of a shadow aspect is nothing greater than nonsense conceived by crafty minds to deceive and management; for an individual in turmoil, and concern, is simple pickings for those who want to rule and exploit them.

To complete I want to warning you to be cautious of those who, via good or unhealthy intention, lead you to limitless navel gazing pondering your shadow aspect. We inform you this: your time, and cash, would merely be higher spent getting on together with your each day residing – watching comedy reruns or strolling in nature, somewhat than selecting scabs and exposing flesh and soul to soreness – thus permitting your self to turn out to be diminished.’

The Increased Angelic Realms

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(Since November 2018 my writing is really collaborative with spirit as I’m now a channel for them and charged with bringing fact and hope to humanity.)


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