Michael J. Murray: The Scientific Problem for Religion


Dr. Michael J. Murray is the President of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and former Arthur and Katherine Shadek Chair in Philosophy and the Humanities at Franklin & Marshall Faculty and Senior Vice President of Applications on the John Templeton Basis.

He obtained his BA from Franklin and Marshall and his MA and Ph.D from the College of Notre Dame. His analysis focuses on two main areas. The primary is seventeenth century historical past of philosophy and theology, with a selected concentrate on the work of Gottfried Leibniz. The second is modern philosophy of faith. His most up-to-date work focuses on the issue of evil and animal struggling, and cognitive and evolutionary accounts of the origin and persistence of non secular perception and apply. In our wide-ranging dialog we focus on…

  • fine-tuning
  • gene-editing
  • local weather change
  • the theological significance of science
  • cognitive science of faith
  • evolutionary psychology
  • cultivating vocations in science among the many church
  • the origins of faith (thorough and clear description of the completely different choices)
  • revelation’s relationship to historical past and religions
  • located data and contextual for non secular fact
  • the historic Adam
  • the ache and struggling inside nature
  • Extraterrestrial and Synthetic Intelligence

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