Do Human Applied sciences Ever Threaten Divine Sovereignty?


Audio Transcript

Do human applied sciences threaten God’s sovereign reign over humanity? This well timed query is raised by Genesis. And the query fittingly arrives from a podcast listener named Noah! Noah writes, “Hi there, Pastor John! In Genesis 11:1–9, we’re advised that God confused man’s frequent language right into a bunch of various languages in an effort to thwart human progress. It seems like God, who’s infinite, was threatened by the unity of finite creatures. However how might God ever be threatened by something man might do, even the entire of humanity unified in any endeavor? Is he threatened by our far superior technological advances right now? This has by no means made sense to me. Are you able to clarify it?”

Story of Babel

Earlier than I attempt to reply that query, let’s get the story in entrance of us. It’s a extremely fascinating story, and let’s see if it raises the questions that Noah is elevating:

“I believe the purpose of the textual content is that man’s efforts to compete with God are pathetically weak and futile.”

Now the entire earth had one language and the identical phrases. And as individuals migrated from the east, they discovered a plain within the land of Shinar and settled there. They usually mentioned to 1 one other, “Come, allow us to make bricks, and burn them completely.” They usually had brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar. Then they mentioned, “Come, allow us to construct ourselves a metropolis and a tower with its high within the heavens, and allow us to make a reputation for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the entire earth.” And the Lord got here down to see the town and the tower, which the kids of man had constructed. (Genesis 11:1–5)

I believe that’s sarcasm. This tall tower that’s going to achieve into the heaven can’t even be seen from heaven. I adore it. The story continues,

And the Lord mentioned, “Behold, they’re one individuals, and so they have all one language, and that is solely the start of what they may do. And nothing that they suggest to do will now be inconceivable for them. “Come, allow us to go down and there confuse their language, in order that they might not perceive each other’s speech.” So the Lord dispersed them from there over the face of all of the earth, and so they left off constructing the town. Due to this fact its identify was referred to as Babel, as a result of there the Lord confused the language of all of the earth. And from there the Lord dispersed them over the face of all of the earth. (Genesis 11:6–9)

A Small Tall Tower

Now, Noah is saying that it seems like God was threatened by these people getting out of hand, and he wonders if God is threatened right now by a far superior expertise than burning bricks and placing them along with bitumen. If Noah is asking, “Does the textual content educate that there are, resident in human nature, ingenuities and talents that, left uncheck by God, would frustrate God’s functions and thus vie for the very place of God?” then there are two methods to reply it.

First, observe that the primary level of the textual content appears to be that this effort on man’s half to construct a tower with its high within the heavens was ridiculously futile. God needed to, so to talk, come down in an effort to see it. I believe the purpose of the textual content is that man’s efforts to compete with God are pathetically weak and futile.

So, the primary reply to the query appears to be that even when God doesn’t intervene the way in which he did by complicated the languages, the human race is rarely going to achieve the higher hand over its Creator by constructing its strategy to God’s throne by any expertise in any way. That’s the primary reply, which I believe is implied within the textual content.

God Is God

The second reply is extra vital. I believe we see it once we ponder the very nature of Noah’s query. The extra I take into consideration this query, the extra it seems like this: Would God be threatened by man — man’s ingenuities and man’s skills — if God weren’t God? In different phrases, would God be threatened by man’s motion if God couldn’t sovereignly counter man’s actions at any time and in any method he pleases? The reply can be “Effectively, sure. God can be threatened by the glory of males if God have been one other creature like man relatively than being the all-glorious, omnipotent God.” However he’s God.

“God can be threatened by the glory of males if God have been one other creature like man relatively than being the all-glorious God.”

God calmly places man in his place. God is just not threatened by any of man’s ingenuity or capacities as a result of he can and does frustrate all of them at any second, in any method he pleases, which is what he did in Genesis 11:7. He confused the language.

In different phrases, the purpose of the story is exactly that God can’t be threatened by man’s designs or actions as a result of God is God. God is sovereign over all man’s designs and actions. If man begins to realize issues that God doesn’t need them to realize, God merely stops them. He takes the steps essential to frustrate their designs. That’s the purpose. They have been taking steps to do issues that have been extremely damaging to the human soul, and extremely dishonoring to God. So God simply stopped them.

He might have stopped them in 100 methods. They may have gotten sick. They may have had opposition. I imply, good evening, he had 100 methods he might have stopped them, and he selected to do it by complicated their language.

Little one’s Play

There are two solutions as to if God is threatened right now by the superb expertise and talent of the human race. First, he’s not threatened as a result of all our most superior expertise is solely little one’s play so far as God is anxious. Our most superior physics and synthetic intelligence is a kindergarten primer in God’s library — at finest. We’re speaking about God right here.

Second, he’s not threatened as a result of at any second in 100 methods, he can merely thwart the plans of science, enterprise, expertise, and nations. That’s what Psalm 33:10 says: “The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; he frustrates the plans of the peoples.” That might apply to all science, all enterprise, all training, all expertise, all business, all army. “The Lord brings the counsel of man to nothing; he frustrates the plans of the peoples.”

Now, each of those solutions, I believe, are implied in Genesis 11. The good achievement of the tower is pathetic in God’s eyes, and he can frustrate any pathetic human plan he pleases.


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