Bread And Wine


Bread and wine – these have been the weather chosen by Jesus to show us about His dying love. The bread speaks to us of Jesus’ physique damaged for us. The wine speaks to us of Jesus’ blood shed for us.
Jesus used bread and wine to proclaim His salvation. He did this on the Final Supper, however that wasn’t the primary time that Jesus had used bread and wine as visible aids to assist us to grasp the that means of His salvation. Earlier than the Final Supper, there have been the miracles of turning water into wine and the feeding of the 5 thousand.
(1) The miracle of turning water into wine, together with the cleaning of the Temple, proclaims the miracle of the brand new beginning. It leads us into the phrases of Jesus – “You should be born once more” (John 3;3).
  • The distinction between the water and the wine speaks to us of the distinction between “that which is born of the flesh” and “that which is born of the Spirit.”
  • The transformation of the water into wine speaks of the brand new beginning which Jesus got here to deliver us: “Gentle He lays his glory by, Born that man no extra could die, Born to boost the sons of earth, Born to present them second beginning.” This nice miracle of turning water into wine prepares us to listen to what Jesus says to us regarding being born once more, born anew, born of God, born from above, born with a heavenly beginning.
(2) The that means of the miracle of the feeding of the 5 thousand is summed up within the phrases of Jesus – “I’m the Bread of Life” (John 6:35).
Jesus didn’t carry out this miracle to impress the group. This miracle created for Him one other alternative to show the folks the true significance of His miracles and the true that means of religion.
The Lord speaks of Himself because the Bread of Life. He offers everlasting life to all who put their religion in Him. By talking of Himself on this means, He highlights the Gospel character of this miracle.
On the coronary heart of the miracle story, there’s, in John 6:4, a brief sentence, which we may simply overlook: “Now, the Passover, the feast of the Jews was at hand.” We should not overlook this truth. It factors us ahead to the Lord’s Supper, which additionally happened on the time of the Passover.
“Once I see the blood, I’ll cross over you” (Exodus 12:13) – Jesus fulfilled this!
Now, the Lord’s Supper, the feast of the Christians, is at hand. Might God grant that your understanding of and expertise of Christ’s love can be deepened and enriched via our trying collectively at these two nice miracles.


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