A Easy Detective Ability to Assist You Decide If God Exists


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I’ve been investigating homicides in Los Angeles County for a few years. In the event you’re a fan of homicide mysteries and murder exhibits, I’d wish to share a easy investigative method which will open your eyes to greater than the id of a killer. It could additionally assist you decide if God exists.

Detectives know that not each demise scene is a crime scene. Individuals die naturally, unintentionally, by the use of suicide or as the results of a murder, and it’s not all the time simple to inform the distinction.

That’s why I’ve discovered to make use of a easy investigative technique: I name it “Inside or Outdoors the Room.” It’s easy. If I can clarify all the things I discover within the demise scene by staying within the room, it’s in all probability not a homicide.

Think about, for instance, a sufferer mendacity in a room with a gunshot harm. Subsequent to his physique there’s a handgun. The doorways are locked from the within, all of the DNA and fingerprints within the room belong to the sufferer, the gun is registered to him, and there aren’t any indicators of an outdoor intruder. On this state of affairs, the trigger for what we see within the room, seems to even be within the room. That is in all probability a suicide or unintended demise.

Now think about the identical room with completely different particulars. This time, you discover fingerprints and DNA from an unknown suspect, the doorways are unlocked, the gun doesn’t belong to the sufferer, and bloody footprints result in the door. In our second state of affairs, the very best clarification for what we discover inside the room is a trigger outdoors the room. It’s time to open a homicide investigation – we’ve proof of an unknown intruder, and intruders flip demise scenes into crime scenes.

Once I first started to research the proof for God’s existence, I made a decision to look at the universe the identical approach I might against the law scene. Can all the things within the “room” of the pure universe be defined by staying contained in the “room”?  Might area, time and matter – acted upon by the legal guidelines of physics and chemistry – account for all of the proof within the universe, or was there a greater clarification outdoors the pure realm?

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One of many issues I discovered persuasive – within the “room” of the pure universe – was the existence of DNA, the biggest molecule recognized to mankind. It incorporates 4 nucleotides organized in a really particular sequence that directs the formation of life. The genetic code in our DNA incorporates data.

And therein lies the issue if we try to remain “contained in the room” for an evidence.

As Cambridge Thinker of Science, Stephen C. Meyer, has noticed: we don’t have a single instance within the historical past of science wherein data has ever come from something apart from intelligence. There isn’t a property of physics or chemistry that may account for the knowledge we see in DNA.

In different phrases, the very best clarification for the DNA we discover “inside the room” of the universe is an clever trigger “outdoors the room” of the universe.

For example the purpose, think about one more demise scene. This time our sufferer is mendacity on the ground subsequent to a wall. There’s a lower on his head and a blood smear on the wall subsequent to his physique. The proof right here may be simply defined by staying within the room. Maybe he had a coronary heart assault and stumbled, slicing his head when he hit the wall. The smear might simply be a consequence of the physics associated to his fall. No want – essentially – to imagine he was murdered.

Now think about a barely completely different scene. Our sufferer nonetheless has a lower on his head, however as an alternative of a blood smear, we’ve phrases written on the wall within the sufferer’s blood: “He deserved to die.” In contrast to earlier than, physics and chemistry can’t account for the knowledge on the wall. This message was written by an clever being.

It’s time to begin looking for the author.

DNA is considered one of many items of proof within the universe that merely can’t be defined by staying “contained in the room.” One of the best clarification for the knowledge in DNA is the existence of a acutely aware, clever thoughts, outdoors of area time and matter.

One of the vital famend, ardent atheists of the final one-hundred years, analytic and evidentialist thinker, Antony Flew, was additionally finally persuaded by the existence of DNA. Earlier than he died, he wrote:

“I now consider there’s a God… What I feel the DNA materials has achieved is that it has proven, by the virtually unbelievable complexity of the preparations that are wanted to provide life, that intelligence should have been concerned in getting these terribly numerous components to work collectively.”

Professor Flew would have made a superb murder detective.

For extra details about the scientific and philosophical proof pointing to a Divine Creator, please learn God’s Crime Scene: A Chilly-Case Detective Examines the Proof for a Divinely Created Universe. This e book employs a easy crime scene technique to research eight items of proof within the universe to find out essentially the most affordable clarification. The e book is accompanied by an eight-session God’s Crime Scene DVD Set(and Participant’s Information) to assist people or small teams study the proof and make the case.

J. Warner Wallace is a Dateline featured Chilly-Case Detective, Senior Fellow on the Colson Heart for Christian Worldview, Adj. Professor of Christian Apologetics at Talbot College of Theology, Biola College, writer of Chilly-Case ChristianityGod’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Religion, and creator of the Case Makers Academy for teenagers.

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