Travelling By way of God’s Phrase: Genesis



We now have been created by God. We now have been created to be like God. “God mentioned, ‘Let there be gentle’; and there was gentle.” We’re to let His gentle shine. His gentle is the sunshine of His love. It’s the gentle of life. Let there be gentle, love and life. Could gentle, love and life be seen in us.

“It’s possible you’ll freely eat of each tree of the backyard, however of the tree of the information of fine and evil you shall not ear, for within the day that you simply eat of it you shall die.” A command is to not be mentioned. It’s to be obeyed. Do what God tells you to do, and you may be blessed. Go your personal method, as a substitute of God’s method, and there can be no blessing. God’s command can be His promise and His warning.

The “serpent” begins with questioning, and strikes rapidly on to contradicting. He is a liar – from the start to the tip. There can be battle between “the serpent” and “the seed of the lady” (Christ) – “you (the serpent) shall bruise His heel”, however the victory belongs to the Lord – “He shall bruise your head.” We see this battle and victory within the dying of Christ. The serpent tried to destroy the Saviour. He failed. God raised His Son from the useless.

Cain and Abel introduced very totally different choices. In Abel’s providing, we catch a glimpse of the sacrifice of Christ, “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). Was there hope for Cain? Sure! “In the event you do effectively, will you not be accepted?” There may be additionally a phrase of warning – “Sin is crouching on the door.” Cain’s destroy was not inevitable – “you should grasp sin.”

“Enoch walked with God” – on and on, he walked, into eternity. God offers us a future – “everlasting life”, however we should study to stroll with him whereas we’re right here on earth. In these phrases about Enoch, we catch a glimpse of God’s goal for our life. He is instructing us to stroll with Him. He is making ready us for His everlasting glory.

Noah stood out from the group – “the wickedness of man was very nice … However Noah discovered favour within the eyes of the Lord.” We should go the way in which of Noah, not the way in which of the group:   “Noah walked with God.”

The reality about mankind is acknowledged clearly – “the creativeness of man’s coronary heart is evil from his youth”, however there’s additionally one thing else right here. It is the grace of God. He seems past our sin. He offers us hope for the longer term: “Neither will I ever once more destroy each residing creature.” When it looks like we’re being overwhelmed by the darkness, we should not lose sight of the sunshine of God’s love. Our sin is nice. His love is larger than our sin.

Life is stuffed with highs and lows. We glance up on the rainbow, and we see the greatness of God’s love for us. We glance inside ourselves, and we see how low we will sink – “Noah grew to become drunk … ” Once we fall down, how are we to be raised up? Are we to say, “Come, … allow us to make a reputation for ourselves”? No! We should  hearken to what God says to us – “The Lord mentioned to Abram.” We should do what He says to us – “Go … “, and we should go away it to Him to fulfil His promise: “I’ll make your title nice.”  We should study to offer God all of the glory, and cease making an attempt to carry ourselves up: “Humble yourselves earlier than the Lord, and He’ll carry you up.”

“Abram was 75 years previous.” It is by no means too late to make a brand new starting with God.He offers us the power that we have to put our previous behind us and transfer on into His future. The Lord was main Abram. How did Abram reply? “Abram constructed an altar to the Lord.” He worshipped the Lord. He “known as on the Identify of the Lord.” “There was a famine within the land.” Once we’re strolling with God, we do not at all times stroll straight into beneficial circumstances. Ought to Abram have gone “down into Egypt”? Taking place into Egypt was the start of a downward slope – telling lies, which introduced Abram – and his God – into disrepute.There may be the start of a return to God – journeying to Bethel, “the place the place he had made an altar”, again to the place he had been earlier than he went all the way down to Egypt. Now that Abram was worshipping the Lord once more, he was much less self-centred. The blessing of God returned to his life, and he continued worshipping God.

Lot was very totally different from Abram. Lot liked the world greater than he liked the Lord. It is a warning for us. Just remember to do not turn out to be like Lot. We examine Lot, and we surprise, “Had God given up on Lot?” Earlier than we begin pondering like this, here is one thing for us to consider. “So the enemy … captured Lot, Abram’s kinsman … Then one who had escaped got here and informed Abram … that his kinsman had been taken captive, Abram led forth his skilled males … He introduced again all the products, and Lot along with his items and other people.” Reclaiming what had been taken: Is there a non secular message right here? The enemy, Devil, has taken us away from God, Jesus involves set us free from Devil’s maintain over us. Once we see individuals wandering away from the Lord, let’s not quit on them. In love, the Lord is reaching out to them, calling them to return again residence to Him.

On the way in which again from the battle, through which he reclaimed Lot, Abram receives a customer – Melchizedek: “Melchizedek …. introduced bread and wine and blessed Abram.” We learn these phrases about Melchizedek, and we consider Jesus, our Saviour. In Hebrews 7, we examine Melchizedek – “See how nice he’s.” These phrases describe Melchizedek. In addition they describe Jesus.

“Your individual son shall be your inheritor.” That is what the Lord mentioned to Abram. Abram didn’t wait  for God to fulfil His promise.He took issues into his personal fingers. A baby was born, however he was not the kid whom God had promised. Observe the results of Abram’s unbelief. Hagar, the kid’s mom, had “contempt” on Sarai, Abram’s spouse. It is a story of sin, disgrace, strife and disappointment.

“My covenant is with you” – Abram failed God, however God did not fail Abram. The covenant got here from God, however, for Abram, there have been covenant duties: “Stroll earlier than Me, and be innocent.” Regardless of God’s renewal of His covenant, Abram was nonetheless stuffed with unbelief. He wanted to be assured of this: what man can’t do, God does. Once more, God offers His promise. Once more, there may be laughter – this time, from Sarah. God responds with a query: “Is something too exhausting for the Lord?  

Abraham was chosen for blessing and for holiness. Abraham prays for Sodom. God is prepared to be merciful, however, nonetheless, the individuals of Sodom proceed of their depraved methods. They have been prayed for, however they didn’t repent. “The center of man is deceitful and desperately depraved” (Jeremiah 17:9).

Sodom and Gomorrah are delivered to nothing. That is the judgment of God. lot’s spouse might have been rescued, however she “regarded again.” Her coronary heart was in Sodom and Gomorrah. She was misplaced. Nonetheless, there may be sin and disgrace in Lot’s household.

One factor results in one other. Right here, we learn of Lot’s drunkenness – and incest. “Each the daughters of Lot have been with youngster by their father. The primary-born son … Moab … is the daddy of the Moabites to at the present time.” To at the present time – sin has far-reaching penalties.

“God has made laughter for me”, mentioned Sarah. That is what Sarah mentioned on the time of the beginning of her son, Isaac. this was a unique form of laughter. The kid was given by the Lord – and so was the laughter.

“I’ll make a nation of Hagar’s son additionally.” That is widespread grace. Even for many who are wandering within the wilderness, there may be grace. Even when it looks like there is no such thing as a hope, God doesn’t overlook His promise of blessing. God mentioned that He would bless Ishmael, and He did bless him.

“Ishmael’s mom, Hagar, took a spouse for him from the land of Egypt.” Realizing what we do about Egypt, from the e-book of Exodus, we worry for the way forward for Ishmael and his descendants.

The testing of Abraham: Abraham liked Isaac, Isaac had been given to him by God. This could be an awesome sacrifice. “God will present a lamb.” This directs our ideas ahead to God, offering His Son, Jesus, as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). Isaac was spared. He was to not be a sacrifice for sin. He was to be a hyperlink within the chain that led to Jesus, the Lamb of God, the right Sacrifice for sin.

The servant is shipped to discover a spouse for Isaac. He prays for God’s steering, He’s led to Rebekah. Realizing what we all know, from the remainder of the story, we all know that this marriage was not plain crusing. Rebekah favoured one son – Jacob – over the opposite son – Esau. Isaac favoured Esau over Jacob. We all know that the battle between the 2 sons had been prophesied on the time of their beginning, however we nonetheless need to say that Rebekah and Isaac didn’t set a very good instance for different mother and father to comply with. “Isaac liked Esau” and “Rebekah liked Jacob – this was not a very good recipe for a cheerful residence. In a while, in Scripture, this division between Jacob and Esau is seen when it comes to God’s goal (see Malachi 1 and Romans 9). This locations Rebekah on the aspect of God, and Isaac on the opposite aspect. Having mentioned this, we should state clearly that the strategies utilized by Rebekah to realize her aim have been misleading. On the time of his beginning, Isaac was thought to be being the one who fulfils God’s promise, Because it seems, he fulfilled God’s promise for the subsequent era, solely by being deceived into doing so.


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