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What’s the ever-growing connection between Science (quantum physics) and consciousness? What’s the distinction between faith and God? Is “God” even non secular? And the way does it have an effect on You?


Scientists are fond of claiming science is about info, actuality, matter. It has nothing in widespread with faith, which, they are saying, is about mythology or at greatest, philosophy. And for lots of of years faith has accepted the notion that the world of the flesh–matter–and the world of faith, God co-exist. Nevertheless, because the pure science delves deeper and deeper into the quantum world, what does it discover? It’s discovering that matter just isn’t matter in any respect however some type of vibrating power probability–AND–this likelihood is modified by, if not fully subordinate to awareness–consciousness. Is that this not wholly suitable with Jesus’ saying “the flesh [matter] profiteth nothing; it’s the Spirit [consciousness] that quickeneth”? He taught us to not “look on appearances…however the substance of spirit.”


We stay in a time when the entire concept of materialism is in question– a time of upheaval a minimum of, and definitely extra necessary than the “start of science” with Copernicus and Galileo. We’re experiencing the irony that it’s man’s science which has been or will show to be primarily based on the parable of materialism and faith, which relies on the truth of “Spirit.” The irony lies within the subservience of the temporal world of the flesh to the everlasting actuality that lies past it–perhaps throughout and thru it.

Individuals typically say that historical similarities to biblical occasions and tales are proof that Jesus’ instructing is spinoff and due to this fact meaningless. Really the alternative is more likely.– and true. What if Jesus got here to not convey a brand new faith however to enlighten, like these earnings earlier than him, a world misplaced to the Reality of our existence. Jesus did not come to “die for our sins” he got here to stay and conquer the demise accepted by the world as life’s actual and limiting situation. Our solely sin is accepting illness, lack and demise as actual. Believing that “GOD” is a few type of non secular figurehead to be feared and worshiped as directed by a cadre of human monks, pastors and and theologians, is the parable perpetrated by man to maintain the plenty in the identical darkness inhabited by the clergy. Jesus the Christ taught the identical Reality alluded to by many others–the world we see is at greatest a really minor league of an infinitely main, everlasting actuality. At worst it’s, as Jesus mentioned “the daddy of all lies” and a self-inflicted, cult of sin, illness and demise.

Why do not Christian leaders dwell on the numerous statements of Jesus that refer to what’s not non secular in any respect, however metaphysical? The “Historic Idea of Every thing has nothing to do with man’s physics however relatively explains man’s actual and age outdated birthright within the non-physical realm of pure consciousness. Understood and skilled correctly consciousness is EVERYTHING.

         SCIENCE GOD and YOU– The Historic Idea of Every thing

exhibits how our pure science will finally level to the Reality outdoors itself and past matter.

This is able to all be simply part of the ineffective worldly philosophy had been it not for the one distinction between Jesus and all the remainder of the prophets and non secular sages all through historical past. Jesus lived and proved the reality of non secular actuality, energy and accessibility. He not solely proved the omnipotence of non secular substance he taught others tips on how to take part thought with this omniscient, beneficent energy and “overcome the world.” Many might doubt the veracity of the biblical accounts of 1000’s of Jesus’ healings, however one factor nobody can change or negate is that you may, and lots of have proved it for themselves.

Upon studying   

        SCIENCE GOD and YOU– The Historic Idea of Every thing

You’ll at the least settle for the chance {that a} a lot bigger and private actuality is out there to you than the world would have you ever consider. You will see that, as I’ve, that the ideas given to you by your worldly expertise, aren’t “you” and they are often launched, exposing the “Reality that passes understanding.”

                                                           Jim Gleeson  2019








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