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By Dr. Donald Whitchard

Excuse me. I say this with love, however essential firmness. Most of you might be simply offended, weak- kneed, overly protected, participation trophy receiving, pampered, self-centered, worldly minded, narcissistic, cellphone in your face, spiritually immature, emotion centered, frankly ineffective people who name themselves a believer in Jesus Christ, I don’t perceive you. You by some means get bent off form when a pastor dares cease his service and (gasp) prays for a person who’s being pursued by the hounds of hell and demon possessed people who need to see him out of workplace and on the worst, lifeless and forgotten, but humbly stops by with out fanfare and bows his head in humbleness, asking for God’s steering, then leaves as quietly as he got here. What provides?

Franklin Graham requested that each one Bible-believing Christians would collect collectively on June 2nd and pray for President Trump. Personally, I by no means have seen a person who’s extra hated for no good cause besides that he turned the New World Order on its head and prevented the feminine model of the Antichrist to imagine energy because the President of america. This motion was not his doing alone. Numbers of believers gathered in prayer three years in the past for the welfare of this nation which, in all honesty, was headed for the trash heap of historical past if there was no intervention by Almighty God to do one thing. Fortunately, He did reply and gave us a person who, whereas having all of the graces of a bull in a china store, was somebody who was a minimum of trustworthy and inspired Christians and folks on the whole to wish for him. Mr. Trump has had ministers within the White Home lifting him up in prayer day by day and has godly folks in his cupboard, plus has nominated and gotten permitted extra conservative judges and justices to the bench than some other conservative-leaning chief. He has ordered his Division of Well being and Human Providers to declare that life begins at conception and has, up to now, been a champion for the unborn and has lashed out at states who really feel that it’s their obligation to homicide the unborn and people infants who’ve the audacity to outlive a medical butcher’s handiwork. He has been a supporter of the rights of non secular folks to observe their religion in public and has inspired colleges within the U.S. to undertake Bible-centered curricula and educate its rules to college students who’ve as a lot morality of their souls as does a cornered rattlesnake.

Proper now a minimum of, Christians on this nation have considerably of a reprieve. It’s after we don’t pray for our leaders and their choices that result in persecution and the likelihood that you simply’ll need to put your religion to the take a look at, deciding between loyalty to Jesus Christ on the finish of a gun, or denial and compromise and earn your self a reward of everlasting punishment. After Donald Trump leaves workplace, what then? It’s not a matter of if we’ll be persecuted, however when. We could, in God’s mercy, be translated out of right here, however he could put us by the fireplace and spiritually toughen us up and weed out the wheat from the chaff. Bear in mind this, that the world hates us whether or not we compromise with them within the title of tolerance or not. The world system is managed by the satan, who has been making an attempt to kill us or a minimum of make us ineffective for over 2,000 years.

If he can’t bodily destroy us, he can use folks and occasions to destroy what testimony we’ve got and make us ineffective as a way of preaching the gospel and being fashions of reality and requirements in a world of relativism and uncertainty. We have now far too many individuals which can be comfy within the pew and take turns criticizing the pastor or packages that help in proclaiming the gospel whereas permitting a minority of members to finance the packages and pray for the harvest. As a former pastor, I’ve come to the belief that some sheep have fangs and are actually wolves who won’t spare the flock, however search to tear it aside and render it ineffective.

Now, let me get again to the principle level of my article. Plainly on June 2nd at McClean Bible Church in Virginia, Pastor David Platt had a visitor cease by and request prayer. It was the President. He got here in unannounced and with out fanfare and bowed his head on stage as Pastor Platt, whereas stunned to see Mr. Trump, did a wonderful job in praying not just for him, however for the welfare of the nation as an entire. Afterwards, the President, saying nothing, quietly left and allowed the service to proceed. This church took Romans 13:1-6 and 1 Timothy 2:1-Three to coronary heart and did what was introduced within the phrase of God. Now right here is the place it will get attention-grabbing. Plainly a number of the membership took offense that Mr. Trump truly had the nerve to set foot inside their church and permit Pastor Platt to wish for him, then quietly depart. Severely? You imply to inform me that you simply worship your political philosophy greater than intercede for the welfare of the chief of the free world? There in all probability would have been no complaints had Mr. Obama are available in and bow his head. The onerous reality is that, women and gents of the snowflake mentality, we’ve got an grownup accountable for the welfare of the nation now, crudeness and all. He’s doing his greatest to place the political inmates again contained in the asylum as an alternative of letting them run rampant like we noticed with the final administration, which, in case you’ve forgotten, spied on us and used the IRS to harass conservative establishments and even had the nerve to audit Billy Graham and his group. The final administration had an workplace the place you can name in and report your neighbor as a result of he disagreed with Mr. Obama’s insurance policies. Let’s not overlook that there was a Christmas decoration on the White Home tree that had an image of Chairman Mao of China, who, for these of you who took revisionist historical past, murdered greater than 60 million of his residents plus induced chaos within the Cultural Revolution from 1966 till his dying ten years later.

It was the final administration that championed socialism and its ilk. The present technology that wasn’t taught actual historical past doesn’t know concerning the a whole bunch of people that risked their lives escaping from the “employee’s paradise” of trip spots like East Berlin and that wall which stored folks divided for practically thirty years and led to quite a few deaths by machine gun fireplace and harsh guard canines that tore flesh from our bodies. Yeah, Bulgaria and people different nations behind what Winston Churchill known as “the Iron Curtain” had been scorching spots of unbiased thought and freedom, weren’t they? These of you born earlier than 1990 can keep in mind fairly plainly what the world was like, and the way we might have been killed by a nervous set off finger on the nuclear button.

Idealists like Bernie “Bolshevik” Sanders and the 29 yr previous bartender who acquired freaked out with a rubbish disposal named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez preach the advantages of “free stuff” with out the implications. These people who consider on this secular utopia overlook that the federal government that guarantees stuff may take it away. What Sanders and Cortez gained’t let you know is that their mind-set resulted within the dying of greater than 100 million folks within the final century by warfare, compliance, compelled labor, present trials, executions, persecutions, and general distress that won’t depart as soon as it’s established as a authorities. Simply have a look at Venezuela as a socialist success story. There may be nothing however distress, oppression, and dying, together with corruption and callousness in direction of life on the whole. They had been a affluent nation till somebody acquired it of their head to hearken to a army officer named Hugo Chavez who promised them higher equality if they’d elect him. What the nation acquired had been orders to give up their firearms, give their possessions to the federal government on ache of imprisonment or dying, and undergo what has turn out to be totalitarianism that may by no means go away in need of an intervention by one other nation. That is one cause why we should always by no means belief politicians who promise issues however hope you gained’t discover that they’re choosing your pocket to pay for it.

Thanks, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, for principally inflicting distress and bloodshed and the rise of godlessness disguised as an financial system that appears good as a philosophy however leads to absolute chaos when put into observe, establishing a tyranny that may ultimately collapse, however leaves behind a path of carnage that some idealistic historians want to overlook and permit the our bodies of its victims to rot within the streets. If the federal government does such an excellent job of operating issues, then why are we in debt to the tune of 21 trillion {dollars} and nothing appears to work? We’ve made a god out of human incompetence and trusted it to function with out a ethical compass. As somebody who acquired his begin in the true world of trustworthy work, I used to be a historical past and English instructor in the course of the time of the conferences between Ronald Reagan and Michael Gorbachev. Plainly each mental was gushing over Mr. Gorbachev’s philosophy of “perestroika” that eased a number of the oppressive laws of Soviet life and allowed some freedom of expression that wouldn’t throw somebody right into a gulag for arguing with the needs of the Politburo. He was keen to scale back the variety of missiles aimed toward Western Europe if Mr. Reagan would do one little factor, and was to drop the thought of a Strategic Protection Initiative (SDI), mockingly known as “Star Wars” by our leftist press (issues actually haven’t modified in thirty years). SDI was an thought of a counter offensive protection system that may intercede and destroy the launch and route of a warhead in opposition to the U.S. Reagan bought the thought so effectively that the Soviets had been afraid of it, despite the fact that it solely existed on paper. It might quickly be revealed that the Soviet bear had tooth, however they had been rotten and in want of pulling.

For these of you who’re nonetheless enamored with socialism (sure, even a few of you younger Christians who consider in social justice), notice this. Shortly after Ronald Reagan left the Presidency, the entire socialist system got here crashing down in a matter of months and the blight known as the Berlin Wall was torn down, uniting Germany and the institution of free Japanese European nations that also prosper right now. A lot for the “employee’s paradise”.

If you happen to ever meet a Russian or particular person from Japanese Europe, ask them concerning the “good previous days” of oppression and the worry of a knock on the door by the Secret Police after which speak about the benefits of socialism, and they’re going to let you know plainly that you’re out of your freaking thoughts to even think about it. I’ve learn stories lately that inform of polls and research saying that persons are getting dumber yearly, which is why I consider that plenty of idealistic younger folks and a few adults are shopping for into the social justice motion and making an attempt to deliver it into the lifetime of the church. To me, it’s nothing greater than the previous Bolshevik promise of “peace, land, and bread”, with just a little Jesus thrown in to make it look holy. In my Russian historical past class in school, we learn of those guarantees Lenin gave to the Russian folks after the Czar was overthrown in 1917. What they acquired had been years of bloody civil warfare, no proper to personal property, and no bread within the shops. They traded freedom for presidency “social justice” and acquired nothing in return besides some seventy 4 years of dying, tyranny, and distress. The snowflake mentality I see in society right now is fodder for the socialists who promise to handle them and provides them issues with out the respect and satisfaction of working for it and realizing that they’ll do higher than they suppose they’ll and that mediocrity is unacceptable. They appear to wallow in vanity with out bothering to take care of others or the great of the nation and a free society. It’s fairly horrifying, however I’m actually not stunned.

This poison is creeping into church buildings right now which have put apart the claims of the exclusiveness of the gospel for packages that construct up the person with out difficult them to develop of their religion and get them to take their eyes off themselves and their self-imposed worldview, focusing as an alternative on the truth that our brethren the world over are being slaughtered for his or her religion. I ask Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, and the opposite prosperity preachers a favor. Will you fly your $54,000,000 jet to Nigeria and choose up the victims of Bolo Haram, or these believers made homeless by the butchers of ISIS? Snowflake Christians, I’ve a favor to ask. Will you stop fascinated by what seemingly offends you, develop up, get a pair, and put what religion within the LORD you say it’s a must to work and get folks saved from hell, the place there will likely be nobody to care how you are feeling or whether or not or not you’re offended by the actions of your pastor to be obedient to the LORD and abide by what the Scriptures educate?

Sure, I get in your backsides and calling on you to stop specializing in the world and your little inconveniences and show that the religion you declare to have will not be merely empty phrases. I’m sick personally and can’t go to locations like I used to be capable of do solely a short while in the past. For these of you who’ve been following me this and final yr, I get weaker as the times progress and I tire simply. I’m beginning to really feel boring pains the place my kidneys are, and I’m content material within the actuality that what I’m doing every week to jot down columns to problem and encourage you to be the form of Christian our LORD expects of you is what I’m known as to do now. My days of getting behind a pulpit and preaching are previous. If I can do anyone factor for the glory of God, it will be to say to you in love that you might want to stop making your ideology the main target of your life and to be dedicated to the truth that this world can’t go on for much longer. Your prayers are appreciated for my situation which I gladly bear for the glory of God.

All of the concepts and notions we’ve got for enhancing life right here on this sin-soaked world will, in the long run and in accordance with Scripture, will expend anyway. Eternity is what’s necessary. To the snowflake believers who will get offended by what I’ve written so far, I say in love. I actually don’t care what you consider me or what I current. What I’m doing is to get you to face actuality and notice that it does chunk at instances. We’re not promised ease on this life and don’t suppose for a minute that it’ll get higher. I don’t need to reply to you, Bernie Sanders, Miss Cortez, the politicians, the prosperity preachers, or your attitudes on Judgment Day. Jesus Christ is LORD, not your ideology or emotions. If you happen to’re not saved, then I implore you to get proper with God and repent. I simply need to warn you who really feel such as you’ve been offended, I say once more, that there are not any “protected areas” in hell and the cries of the damned will drown out no matter emotions or opinions you’ve gotten. Right here ends the lesson. Now, make one thing of your self and develop up. I do know the LORD will recognize it.

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