Pentecost | Rachel G. Hackenberg


Holy Spirit, Wild Wind,
on at the present time of Pentecost
we’re gathered.

We’re alternately
full of fireplace and fizzling,
brave and tentative,
gifted by goals and haunted by worries.

In different phrases,
this holy day finds us to be
nonetheless wholly human.

Will you fill us up?
Will you awe our hearts
in order that we too would possibly perceive
your phrase & work of energy on the planet?

Will you declare the peace of mind
that our souls lengthy to listen to,
the peace that each one your kids want,
the renewal that’s creation’s hope?

Let it’s so,
and we who aspire to be fireplace
would accept being your kindling
on this world that wants love.

Let it’s so,
and we who dream of flying
would accept bending in your breeze
like flowers dancing their praises
in a world that wants whimsy.

We ask in surprise.
We pray in astonishment.
We look ahead to heaven to come back amongst us
like a rush of roaring wind, like a flame
that ignites with out ceasing.


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