Come Sunday, Hell Will Be Empty with Ira Glass


The Pope of podcasting, Ira Glass, is on the podcast to talk about his new film, Come Sunday, available to stream on Netflix.

From IMDB: Come Sunday is based on an episode of the public radio series This American Life, the film centers on Bishop Carlton Pearson, a rising star among evangelicals until he was ostracized by his own church and declared a heretic after he started preaching that there is no Hell.

Hear why Ira thinks one of the groups that gets the worst coverage is Christians, the disconnect between the way devout Christians are portrayed in the Media and his experience with devout Christians in his own life, questions about the reality of hell, heaven, and the afterlife, and the nature of individual courage as it relates to faith.

  • how a culturally Jewish atheist ends up telling a story of an African American Pentecostal preacher?
  • what is a question completely worth asking that you don’t know the answer to?
  • what is your biggest hope for people who watch the film?

Plus, Ira shares some of what he’s learned or surprised him about Christianity in America, the strange understanding he felt between devout Christians and himself, accurate and honest portrayals of a minister’s family, the art of storytelling, the central drama of the film, the difference in those who have spiritual practices and himself, and conversations with Christians who want to save him.


You also get a preview of the newly launched Theology Nerd podcast. Two episodes in one!

The new Theology Nerd podcast is a shorter Q&A episode, where your friendly, local internet theologian answers questions submitted by you. This question comes from someone from a very conservative family asks about how, using the bible, to explain their commitment to Christian Universalism? Tripp gives us 3 commitments for a Christian Universalist.

There are lots of ways you can submit a question for Tripp to answer: go to and click the “send voicemail” button on the right (near the scroll bar); you can also leave us a 5-star review on iTunes with your question as the review; you can tweet @trippfuller; or you can send an email with your question to [email protected]


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