Holy 1 who abides in my words-

In my awkwardness and beautiful lack of self-esteem, I second-guess the words which exit my mouth. Anxiousness sets my thoughts on fire, igniting doubts, and the flames of overthinking spread swiftly.

Reset my racing thoughts. Let me to release the conversation. Unwind my heart, and aid me uncover grace.

Could the words that leave my mouth be ones filled with appreciate- even if they look awkward now and once more.



The Rev. Michelle L. Torigian is the Senior Pastor of St. Paul United Church of Christ, Belleville, Illinois. Her essay “Always a Pastor, Never ever the Bride” was in the RevGalBlogPals book There’s a Lady in the Pulpit. She also has chapters in the books Sacred Habits: The Rise of the Inventive Clergy and A Kid Laughs: Prayers for Justice and Hope. Torigian blogs at http://www.michelletorigian.com.

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