Simply received again from a visit to Europe, primarily in Italy. Whereas I discovered the buildings and structure lovely, I used to be actually a bit shocked by how insanely opulent Catholic buildings had been there, particularly the Vatican.

St. Peter’s is insanely lavish with many of the ceiling lined in gold and priceless mosaics. Quite a few buildings construct by previous Pope’s are lined in marble that was so costly, solely Popes and Emperors may afford it. And naturally the Vatican homes the world’s largest quantity of treasure.

Whereas I can admire the fantastic thing about all of it, I additionally felt a bit conflicted and disgusted strolling by way of the Vatican. For a fancy devoted to the worship of a poor carpenter who emphasised the worth of the poor and needy, I used to be actually astounded at how a lot cash is wasted on these buildings. You may in all probability feed the whole world’s inhabitants for hundreds of years simply with the gold and marble used to construct Saint Peter’s basilica. That is not even counting the remainder of the complicated or the infinite treasures housed within the Vatican museums and archives.

I simply have a tough time reconciling the opulence of the Church with the teachings of Christianity, and strolling by way of the Vatican truly bothered me.