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Today’s query is 1 a lot of pastors face. I know mainly because I see it regularly pop up in the inbox. As men and women uncover Christ, are converted, and are named to reside differently than their pre-conversion passions, this raises endless queries about living arrangements. This query originates as a adhere to-up from a listener named Cameron.

“Hi, Pastor John! In episode 920, “Divorce, Remarriage, and Honoring God,” you argued that men and women ought to keep in a second marriage, even even though it was entered wrongly. You stated, ‘A prohibited connection can turn into a consecrated and holy 1.’ My query is along this line. Does this principle also apply to men and women in identical-sex marriage relationships or in polygamous marriages? Right after conversion, would you advise them to keep in equivalent relationships and somehow consecrate them? What tends to make these two scenarios distinctive in your thoughts?”

No, I would not advise that two guys or two females living with each other, practicing homosexuality, stay in that connection. The motives are many. The conditions are distinctive amongst a man and a lady getting into a marriage they ought to not enter and a man and a man getting into a connection they ought to not enter. Let me attempt to clarify some of these variations that would outcome in my selection not to advise that they keep there.

Definitely a Marriage

The cause I took the position that a man and a lady in a marriage that they ought to not have entered ought to keep in that marriage and seek to consecrate it to the Lord is mainly because the Bible, whilst not condoning the entrance into the marriage, nonetheless calls it a marriage.

“Two guys or two females getting into a connection of sexual union with promises is not a marriage.”

Here’s what it says in Luke 16:18: “Everyone who divorces his wife and marries a different commits adultery [so don’t do it, in other words], and he who marries a lady divorced from her husband commits adultery.” He does use the word marry, not just sleep with. He calls it a marriage.

Jesus says to the lady who had been married 5 instances, “You are ideal in saying, ‘I have no husband’ for you have had 5 husbands, and the 1 you now have is not your husband” (John four:17–18). Jesus differentiates the 5 from the 1, even even though she’s living with the 1. He says, “No, he’s not your husband. The other folks have been, and he’s not.”

I conclude that whilst it was an adulterous act to marry below the situations that Jesus disapproves of in Luke 16, nonetheless, it is named a marriage. A marriage is a matter of covenant faithfulness amongst a man and a lady. Consequently, I would encourage that couple to repent of what they did incorrect and to ask for forgiveness and to consecrate their union, which, even though it ought to not have occurred, might nonetheless be holy just before the Lord.

Not a Marriage

But two guys or two females getting into a connection of sexual union with promises is not a marriage. It is not a marriage. You cannot consecrate a marriage that ought to not have taken location if it is not a marriage at all. The union of two guys and two females is not gay marriage — it is no marriage. I do not like the notion that so several men and women are prepared to use the term gay marriage alternatively of calling it so-named gay marriage, mainly because there is no such factor in the universe as so-named gay marriage.

Marriage, which is defined by God in this planet according to his word, is not a man in union with a man. That is our imagination. His definition goes like this. Jesus quotes Genesis two:24: “A man shall leave his father and his mother and hold speedy to his wife, and they shall turn into 1 flesh.” That is exactly where Jesus went in Matthew 19 and Mark 10, and it is exactly where Paul went in Ephesians five, when they have been in search of to give the most necessary definition of marriage.

That is the most important cause 1 connection can be consecrated as a holy marriage and the other 1 cannot. One particular is a marriage and the other is not a marriage — no matter how several thousands of instances legislators and laws and judges and news commentators say that it is. It is not. That is the initial distinction.

Shameful Acts

Here’s the second cause that I would advise that a man and a man or a lady and a lady in such a connection not attempt to consecrate it but move out of it. The second cause why I treat a man and a lady getting into a marriage they shouldn’t differently than a man and a man getting into a connection they shouldn’t is that you cannot make honorable what God has stated by nature is dishonorable.

“No quantity of repenting, faith, or consecration can turn that which is by nature dishonorable into an act that is pure.”

In other words, homosexual behavior is not incorrect just mainly because it is commanded that we do not do it. It is incorrect mainly because, by nature, it is dishonorable and shameful. In other words, sexual relations amongst a man and a lady are not, by nature, dishonorable and shameful. But sexual relations amongst two guys or two females are by nature dishonorable and shameful, according to Romans 1:26–27.

Romans 1:26–27 goes like this:

For this cause God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their females exchanged organic relations for these that are contrary to nature and the guys likewise gave up organic relations with females and have been consumed with passion for 1 a different, guys committing shameless acts with guys and getting in themselves the due penalty for their error.

No quantity of repenting, no quantity of faith, no quantity of consecration can turn that which is by nature dishonorable and shameful into an act that is holy or pure or honorable. That is why I would encourage two guys or two females involved in such acts to renounce the sin, repent, ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus, and no longer make any provision for the flesh, as Paul says in Romans 13:14.

What About Polygamy?

We did an APJ on polygamy about 3 months ago in episode 1304: “Did Jesus Endorse Polygamy in the Parable of the Ten Virgins?” Possibly I can just refer Cameron back to that 1 for some thoughts on that challenge.

It is not precisely the identical challenge when he raises it alongside homosexuality. It is not the identical challenge mainly because it does not involve sexual acts which, by nature, are dishonorable and shameful. But it is not in accord with God’s original will for marriage, according to Genesis two:24. It cannot be consecrated in the identical way that the marriage of 1 man and 1 lady can be.

The aim would be to enable these who recognize this to uncover the most just and gracious way to bring a polygamous connection to an finish. That will not be quick, and wonderful wisdom will be necessary, specifically in missionary contexts.