I do not know if I am overreacting but my SO and I have been collectively for more than two years and his parents have no concept that he is in a partnership with me. His parents reside states away and my SO and I reside in the very same state collectively.

I ask him generally why his parents do not know about me and he says that he does not like sharing his private life with his loved ones. He claims that he will inform his dad about us quickly, but “quickly” has been brought up several instances and absolutely nothing has occurred.

I know quite tiny about his parents and they have met me (for five minutes) when we had been buddies. This was six+ years ago.

He has told me that his mom can be judgemental and can say off colored items. Having said that, his dad is quite calm, laid back and is quite close with my SO. His mom can not get along with his siblings husband/wife.

When he is on the telephone with his parents, they will ask him how he is undertaking and he will not even get into the subject about getting in a partnership.

I do not know what to do or how to really feel about all of this. What tends to make me really feel super sad is that my loved ones is quite close with my SO and we all have a excellent time collectively. I just want the very same factor in return. I want to really feel like I am element of his loved ones.

I am tired of getting a “secret”.

TLDR: My SO’s parents do not know about me or about our partnership.