This podcast is Component two of my largest regrets greater than the ultimate 40 years of my management. I whole the record that I began last week. This has been a sobering methodology for me – deleting some, including different people, digging up a 1 or two painful ones that I most popular to bury, after which realizing they as properly deserved to make the record.

The early church fathers seen as probably the most helpful current, or charism, within the church to be discretion (i.e. discernment). They understood that with no discretion, we’re dangerous – talking as properly freely, offering folks at this time burdens they can not bear, and supplying superficial religious counsel. Reflecting on our blunders and regrets could be a current if we perceive from them.

In Component 1 of My Most vital Regrets I shared my main 4:

1. Not understanding twin relationships and power
two. Impatience and dashing in creating essential decisions
three. Not high (or listening to God) out of our marriage the very first 9 years
4. Not functioning a lot much less, resting much more, and offering away obligations earlier

This week, in Component Two, I talk about my last six:

  1. Not redefining accomplishment clearly and early sufficient
  2. Not transferring to group preaching earlier
  3. Not creating tough, however appropriate decisions merely due to fear.
  4. Not inserting my family members very first forward of the church
  5. Not creating 360’s into our management tradition – starting with me
  6. Not creating deeper silence into my life earlier

I pray this podcast encourages you in your management journey to hear much more intently to God and, in so finishing up, mature into a wise, discrete (discerning) chief.

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