On Might 26, 1961, President John F. Kennedy introduced earlier than a particular joint session of the U.S. Congress the formidable purpose of sending an American to the moon. In an unprecedented response, the politicians got here collectively throughout social gathering strains to supply the wanted cash to NASA. Of all of the technological accomplishments of current American historical past, this Herculean effort of the astronauts, engineers, scientists, NASA officers, politicians, and journalists stands out as a hopeful signal that the nation can as soon as once more transfer past divisiveness to perform an inspiring and difficult mission collectively.

Many viewers of Apollo 11 will discover themselves crying tears of pleasure at dramatic moments within the movie, such because the lift-off of the spacecraft, the accomplishment of a variety of probably perilous duties in outer area, Armstrong’s first stroll on the lunar floor, and the secure return to earth. Better of all is the mutual applause given to the three astronauts and the 1000’s of scientists and technicians who supported one another each step of the best way.

On this mission to the moon, America downplayed individualism and saluted the non secular interdependence and teamwork of all concerned. Listed here are some non secular factors, questions, and beliefs which emerged from our expertise of this documentary.

  • We honor and respect these pioneers of the House Age within the spirit of Carl Sagan who, predicting that this mission is just the start of area exploration, wrote: “In all of the historical past of mankind, there might be first to discover the Photo voltaic System, one era for which, in childhood, the planets are distant and vague discs shifting by means of the evening sky, and for which, in previous age, the planets are locations, numerous new worlds in the midst of exploration.”
  • Suppose again over fictional films and sci-fi works which you have got skilled through the years. What have been your emotions in response to the chances of militarization of area, manned area stations, area colonies, and encounters with aliens.
  • Focus on: Outer area is simply one other enviornment the place we must come to phrases with our personal human nature — each our limitations and potentialities.
  • In response to a 1999 Gallup Ballot, solely 50 p.c of these surveyed may even identify Neil Armstrong as the primary man to stroll on the moon. What’s your response to this? Who’re a few of immediately’s heroes in your eyes?
  • For what gigantic mission would you prefer to see the Congress pull collectively to unite the nation and restore belief within the authorities?