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By Adrian Rogers


Then Simon Peter answered Him, Lord, to whom lets go? Thou hast the phrases of everlasting life. And we predict and are assured that Thou artwork that Christ, the Son of the dwelling God. John six:68-69


The Romans have been a polytheistic nation—they worshipped quite a few gods. They’d a god for this and a god for that. They even constructed the Pantheon, which was a temple for all of the gods which were worshiped in historic Rome.

So why, then, have been Christians so persecuted within the days of the liberal Roman authorities? They only worshipped “one other god”—proper? The Romans didn’t persecute different spiritual individuals at present, solely Christians. Why did they select on the Christians? When the Romans subjugated and conquered a individuals at present, they allow them to protect their gods—on one specific state of affairs: that they do not overlook that Caesar was Lord. Christians proclaimed Jesus as Lord, not Caesar.


Because the planet turns into far more and far more syncretized, headed towards a “one world” order, males and girls who say that Jesus is the one correct Lord are going to be persecuted. Will you stand and proclaim Jesus as Lord it doesn’t matter what?



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