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Happiness Hacks

–by Nancy Hausauer

Energetically, happiness is a really mild, buoyant manifestation of vitality. Consider a helium balloon.

Happy face line drawing

Because the saying goes, happiness is an inside job. It is generated from inside, not triggered by exterior occasions that we deem favorable. Nonetheless, there are some issues we are able to do to get the happiness-energy going when it is lagging. Listed here are three extraordinarily accessible and dependable methods to kickstart your inner happiness engine.

  1. Be genuinely pleased about different individuals’s happiness and luck. The good factor about this manner of producing happiness for your self is that, regardless that it is technically an exterior set off, it is an inexhaustible useful resource. Even when it is not your nearest and dearest, there’s all the time going to be somebody, someplace, who’s experiencing pleasure and constructive issues. You possibly can be a part of them within the privateness of your personal coronary heart and even allow them to know that you simply’re glad for them. You will by no means run out of alternatives to really feel pleased for others.
  2. Make another person pleased. Decide people who find themselves fairly simple to make pleased. Learn to a bit of child, take them to the zoo or get down on the ground and play with them. Stroll your canine, or borrow one for those who’re with out. Go to your great-aunt. Volunteering for a charity is nice too, particularly for those who’re doing concrete, immediately useful work. Happiness appears to be contagious, so within the strategy of lifting another person’s spirits, it is virtually inevitable that you will really feel happier, too.
  3. Make one thing. A cake, an image, a poem, a bouquet, new cabinets on your storage. It would not matter what you make; there’s simply one thing about “making” that is mood-lifting.

I additionally recommend you go to the web site “Happify,” which provides us science-backed info and expertise to extend our proficiency. For starters, try this text, The 5 Expertise That Will Enhance Your Happiness.

The 5 expertise are:

  • savor
  • thank
  • aspire
  • give
  • empathize

Cheers! –Nancy

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The Therapeutic Energy of Pleasure: What Early Summer season Has to Educate Us

–by Nancy Hausauer

Beltane ritual

Western tradition is, for probably the most half, waaaaaaay too joy-deprived. I do not imply thrill-deprived. Low cost thrills are a dime a dozen. I imply real, deep-seated, heart-centered pleasure.

To me, it is a culture-wide second chakra deficiency. We are likely to work too onerous, decrease the necessity for pleasure and enjoyable, and trivialize and even demonize what I’d name easy, animal pleasure — the enjoyment of being alive, the enjoyment of simply being.

That is why I really like the Celtic vacation of Beltane. Approaching Might 1, it marks the start of the start of summer time. A fertility vacation, it was historically celebrated with bonfires. Livestock have been adorned and blessed. Rituals to advertise fertility (life power and creativity) have been noticed.

Within the Pacific Northwest the place I reside, this season is superb. The leaves on the timber have come again all contemporary and inexperienced, the rhododendrons and azaleas are ablaze with colour, the air is nice with fragrance from all of the “inexperienced individuals.”

For me, it is a yearly name to be joyful, a reminder that pleasure is greater than a luxurious. For these of us who are usually over-serious and fun-challenged, it is a medication. For vitality healers, it is particularly vital to domesticate pleasure. We have to feed and stability our vitality so we are able to preserve doing the work we do with out depleting ourselves.

How about you? Are you fun-deprived? Has it been too lengthy because you felt joyful simply to be alive?

Listed here are some concepts for “pleasure medication”:

  • Make an inventory of issues that provide you with pleasure, and DO THEM! (Listed here are extra detailed directions for making your private “Joyful Life Map.”)
  • Study extra about your second chakra and the right way to assist and nourish it.
  • Taking a cue from the Beltane bonfires, ask your self, “What ‘lights my fireplace’?” Journal about it. Decide one or two issues that stand out and do them.
  • Take a break out of your duties and do one thing purely for pleasure and enjoyable.
  • Cease and breathe within the vitality of the season.
  • Have fun your personal magnificence.
  • Feed all 5 senses with magnificence and pleasure.
  • If in case you have young children or an animal companion, allow them to present you the right way to discover pleasure in easy issues.
  • Create one thing. Creation is an expression of life power, and it feeds each the second chakra and our pleasure in being alive.

Have enjoyable! — Nancy

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Delicate Outcomes Can Be Extra Far-Reaching
Than Dramatic Ones

Energy healing can happen on any level – body, mind, emotions or spirit. While we all love dramatic results, more subtle energetic shifts such as new insights or greater clarity can be more far-reaching than immediate physical outcomes.

Vitality therapeutic can occur on any stage – physique, thoughts, feelings or spirit. Whereas all of us love dramatic outcomes, extra refined energetic shifts resembling new insights or better readability may be extra far-reaching than instant bodily outcomes.

Why Rest Is A Significant Aim For Vitality Therapeutic

–by Nancy Hausauer

Relaxation word cloud

Ours is a pushed society. We idealize onerous work and demonize “laziness.” As a tradition, we’re not massive on stress-free.

However leisure is highly effective medication. It is the state by which our our bodies maintain enterprise, together with the enterprise of therapeutic. On a bodily stage, it feels nice and permits our our bodies’ pure self-healing and restoration processes to work like they’re alleged to. On an brisk stage, being relaxed permits our vitality fields to shift extra simply to a state of wholesome stability and move. 


It isn’t that stress is all unhealthy. A reasonable, momentary quantity can really be good for you. And as everyone knows, at the very least some stress is concerned in virtually all good outcomes. Consider having youngsters; getting a brand new job; beginning something new. It appears virtually mandatory for progress and alter.

Good stress like that is momentary and manageable.

The unhealthy type of stress feels overwhelming and/or would not let up for days, weeks, months, even years. This ongoing, heavy rigidity is a contributor to many sorts of sickness and illness, to not point out psychological struggling. Extended stress makes you susceptible to sickness and accelerates growing older. Over time the stress response can contribute to hypertension, coronary heart illness, ulcers, autoimmune ailments, most cancers, anxiousness, insomnia and melancholy.

The Rest Response: A Prescription for Well being And Wellness

Stress-free, then again, turns off our physique’s response to emphasize—with outstanding advantages for bodily, psychological, emotional, and energetic well being. Listed here are among the good issues that it does for the body-mind:

  • Slows coronary heart price
  • Normalizes blood stress
  • Slows respiratory price
  • Permits oxygen for use extra effectively
  • Decreases adrenal gland manufacturing of stress hormones
  • Will increase manufacturing of progress and intercourse hormones
  • Improves immune system well being
  • Will increase blood move to main muscle mass
  • Reduces muscle rigidity
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Helps you deal with unfavorable feelings resembling anger and frustration
  • Promotes vitality
  • Improves focus and creativity
  • Improves skill to deal with issues.

See what I imply? It is a veritable fountain of youth and well being.

Vitality Therapeutic Promotes Rest

In my expertise, one of the frequent and instantly seen results of vitality therapeutic—any sort—is leisure. You often can hear your shopper’s respiratory decelerate, possibly hear them sigh as they let go of rigidity, watch their face clean out.

Periods by which dramatic insights or shifts occur are thrilling and rewarding. But when leisure is “all” that clearly occurs in a session, imagine me, you’ve got accomplished good work.

It means you’ve got helped your shopper’s vitality discipline change into extra fluid, smoother, extra harmonious, extra flowing. It means you’ve got helped them get right into a state the place they’ll heal themselves. And that’s in the end what we try to do.

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Persistent Ache Self-Care: New Web page On The Vitality Therapeutic Web site


Persistent ache aid may be elusive to scientists and victims alike. I feel it is as a result of they’re searching for options within the flawed place—within the bodily physique.

Writer/trainer Esther Hicks says: “Your physique is a pure reflection of the stability of the ideas that you simply assume.”

In my follow, I discover that is usually true. Take the instance of somebody with persistent muscle ache from an harm that occurred years in the past.

In a single yr, almost each molecule of that individual’s physique has been changed by completely different molecules. In different phrases, the matter a part of his physique isn’t the identical matter. So how can the persistent bodily ache be residing within the PHYSICAL matter of his physique?

It needs to be one thing else that creates and/or holds that discomfort or dysfunction in place. At this level, we won’t know for certain precisely what that underlying power is: science cannot measure it but. Nonetheless, from my expertise, I imagine that the true supply of the struggling is energetic — a disturbance within the vitality discipline held there by ideas and feelings from that long-ago bodily or emotional harm.

So to take care of persistent bodily struggling, it might not be sufficient to work on a bodily stage (though that may be a mandatory a part of the puzzle, after all). For lasting decision, you might also need to take a extra holistic method.

Proceed studying right here for some concepts that will assist present aid, together with

  • exploring your life’s alignment together with your greater self
  • utilizing the facility of your consciousness (or mindfulness, for those who want that time period)
  • working with vitality
  • and mobilizing the astonishing potential of your breath.

These are all great holistic medication instruments for household well being care.

Once more, you will discover all this on this web page on The Vitality Therapeutic Web site.

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Reframing Sickness As An Alternative For Better Wholeness

–by Nancy Hausauer

Bodily and psychological/emotional signs of misery are — distressing.

Sickness, ache, anxiousness, melancholy. When we’ve them, we wish to repair them, quick. We do not usually cease to consider their “worth.” That is pure, a organic intuition.

However generally we’re referred to as to take a deeper look.

Perhaps it is as a result of we’re in a occupation that offers with different peoples’ signs of misery, day in and time out.

Or possibly it is as a result of we ourselves need to take care of a persistent ailment — our personal struggling or that of somebody we love.

In any case, generally circumstances push us into questioning the deeper WHY of bodily/emotional illnesses, turning our typical method on its head and searching for potential usefulness or worth in them.

Alongside that line of considering, I really like this quote by Dr. Martin Rossman, M.D., an knowledgeable in mind-body medication:

…The signs of sickness usually may be seen as alerts for consideration or methods of creating us conscious of wants that aren’t being met. Thus if we be taught to concentrate to our physique’s alerts or signs in a sure manner, we are able to really be taught one thing from an sickness that helps to carry us again into alignment with our potential for wellness.

For we’re all the time making an attempt to keep up our alignment, stability, and progress in accordance with our objective in life, whether or not we’re absolutely aware of that objective or not. And there’s a manner of seeing and referring to signs that may really assist us to align the move of vitality in accordance with that objective — a manner that enables us to see sickness as a chance. . . [emphasis mine]

–from “Sickness As An Alternative for Therapeutic,” Healers on Therapeutic

Viewing sickness as alternative to realign with our objective in life, our life-path — that is a lot extra empowering than the standard medical mannequin’s method.

In fact, we do not wish to court docket sickness or struggling as a supply of knowledge, and naturally we do wish to use what standard medication has to supply.

But when life presents us with a possible path again to wholeness and stability — why on earth not take it? Why would we NOT discover a chance to “realign with the move of vitality in accordance with our objective”?

If you could find Healers on Therapeutic, by the best way, it is an incredible e-book. (Revealed by Tarcher/Putnam in 1989. Do not know if it is nonetheless in print.)

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Break Out!

Energy healing can help us break out of the too-small energetic containers that most of us confine ourselves in. Then we can bring our unique gifts more completely into the world.

Vitality therapeutic will help us get away of the too-small energetic containers that almost all of us confine ourselves in. Then we are able to carry our distinctive presents extra fully into the world.

Letting Your Highest Self Bloom: An Equinox Contemplation

–by Nancy Hausauer

white tulips

March 20 is the Equinox, Spring within the Northern Hemisphere and Fall within the Southern. On the Equinoxes, day and night time, mild and darkish, are equal. They’re moments of stability. I wish to think about them as single instants after we’re poised, immobile, in absolute peace.

As with every of the nice annual photo voltaic occasions, the equinoxes provide us knowledge and a chance for therapeutic. Specifically, they’re celestial reminders to pause in our lives and take time for reflection.

This Vernal Equinox, I provide the next as one thing to replicate upon.

A Self-Discovery Train

DO NOT READ AHEAD! It spoils the train.

  1. Get two sheets of paper and a pencil. On one web page, listing 10 individuals you admire, heroes residing or lifeless, individuals well-known or acquainted. Depart some house beneath every title.
  2. Below every individual, Checklist 5 or 6 (or extra) traits or qualities that you simply particularly admire or honor about them. Actually give your greatest effort to articulating explicit traits you admire about them. It is OK if there’s repetition; you do not have to listing distinctive traits for every one.
  3. Whenever you’re accomplished, learn by all of the traits of all of the individuals. Regulate as wanted. Then circle any traits that present up greater than as soon as on the web page.
  4. Now take the second piece of paper. Draw a heavy line three inches down from the highest. Under this line, listing all of the traits/traits you circled.

    Don't read ahead!

  5. OK, acquired all that? Whenever you’re fully accomplished, in daring letters, write above the heavy line on the high of the web page:


    Re-read the traits/traits you’ve got listed there. Re-read a number of instances. Allow them to sink in. That is you.

  6. This train works since you admire traits in different those that resonate with you. They resonate with you since you already possess these traits. It is like a tuning fork.
  7. Keep in mind: It is a portrait of you. Sit with it for some time. Take up it. Ponder it. Breathe it in. Settle for it.

    It may be onerous to imagine that you’re all that. But it surely’s true. You actually are all that.

Because the saying goes, “You’re the one you might have been ready for.” Your job: to let it flower.

Joyful Equinox! –Nancy

Not A Joyful Subject, However Vital

–by Nancy Hausauer

Degas painting Melancholy

As an vitality healer, it is probably that you will notice people who find themselves affected by melancholy. It is a type of tough, cussed points that may generally be onerous for standard therapies to address–so some victims begin searching for options, together with vitality therapeutic.

Whereas usually melancholy is gentle, when it is main it is a severe sickness that may have life-threatening penalties. It may well have an effect on well being in plenty of methods, together with driving individuals to try suicide. And sadly, suicide is on the rise within the U.S., as reported on this article from the Washington Submit.

It is vital for anybody who could also be in a serving to position for people who find themselves depressed to know the hallmarks of melancholy and the indicators that somebody could also be in danger for suicide.

This is a hyperlink to an NIMH web page that summarizes the signs of main melancholy.

Right here you will discover indicators that sign that somebody could also be intending suicide.

Past figuring out these indicators and signs, for those who take care of people who find themselves depressed, you will want an motion plan, together with an inventory of native psychological well being referrals. Our position as vitality healers needs to be to enrich and assist the work of skilled psychological professionals. Ensure depressed shoppers are working with applicable, certified psychological well being professionals.

You also needs to have the (nation-wide) Suicide Hotline quantity helpful. It’s: 1-800-273-8255 (You can even name this quantity for recommendation on the right way to proceed.) This is the web site, too:

Some extra assets:

** issues NOT to say to individuals affected by melancholy.

** 5 Motion Steps For Serving to Somebody In Emotional Ache

** and a hyperlink to a helpful PDF that summarizes loads of this.

I do know this is not a enjoyable subject, however generally we vitality healers do take care of severe sicknesses, and we have to be accountable by being knowledgeable, ready and staying inside our scope of follow.


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