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When He was in
Bethany on the home of Simon the leper, and reclining on the desk, there got here
a woman with an alabaster vial of extremely dear fragrance of pure nard and she or he
broke the vial and poured it greater than His head. Mark 14:three

Contemplate about this, a feast was changing into supplied in Jesus honor.
Why? Preliminary seem at who’s internet hosting the feast, Simon the leper. Lepers cannot private
home therefor this man was most certainly healed by Jesus Christ himself.

Second a woman, who was uninvited, pours an entire jar of
fragrance on Jesus head that’s value a couple of full years wage. Contemplate about
that, would you place your full years wage within the supplying plate? Would you be
ready to methodology the Lords desk?

However Jesus said,
“Let her alone why do you hassle her? She has completed an amazing deed to Me.
Mark 14:six

A few of the guys, which incorporates Judas Iscariot , speedily rebuked
her for losing the fragrance. This was just because Judas was a thief and didn’t
actually respect God. However discover Jesus response, he informed them to “Let her alone”!

This was important, as Jesus rebuked his private disciples for a
woman. At the moment woman have been not considered equal to guys. For Jesus to defend
her exhibits the approaching of his Kingdom, the rework within the New Covenant!

“She has completed
what she may she has anointed My physique beforehand for the burial. Mark 14:eight

What nobody realized was that she was confirming the
prophecy of his dying. This event occurred solely a day forward of the occasions of when
Jesus will get arrested. This event Jesus said can be remembered perpetually.

1 lady’s act of worship to her Lord
became a memorial that’s everlasting, Amen!


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