Overview: Paul and His Friends


Remaining 12 months, a delightfully illustrated kids’s e-book was launched, introducing younger readers to the leaders of the early church. Paul and His Friends: A Youngster’s 1st Guide in regards to the Apostles, written by Rebekah McLeod Hutto and illustrated by Jacob Popčak, is a feast for the eyes and a a terrific deal-necessary addition to Sunday faculty bookshelves.

With Paul as their touring information and narrator, younger younger kids meet Paul’s community of mates and research about their contributions to the lifetime of the early church: the hospitality of Ananias, the management of Lydia, the religion of Timothy, and so much way more.

The creativeness of Jacob Popčak brings each and every of Paul’s mates to life as an animal, chosen particularly for example exact traits of each and every pal. (Priscilla and Aquila are clever elephants. Timothy is a shy gazelle.) The illustrations actually make Paul and His Friends stellar. From a camel to a badger, a hyena to a rhino (or a unicorn?), the early church leaders are proven to be as numerous as they undoubtedly have been throughout the areas to which Paul travels.

The story itself is significantly two-in-1 distinct, which creates a clumsy journey for the reader on the juncture of the 2. The e-book’s 1st theme — Paul’s introduction of his mates within the early church — yields to a second theme — Jesus’ classes on friendship — with no getting clear transition of the narrative viewpoint as Paul’s 1st-person voice goes lacking for 4 pages. (Is it Paul who’s reflecting on Jesus’ ministry? Is it the e-book/creator who’s inserting this lesson about Jesus?) I suppose it’s an odd commentary to say that Jesus is misplaced in a narrative in regards to the church … however on this exact e-book, the interrupted narrative does undoubtedly research as if Jesus is an compulsory afterthought.

That said, Paul and His Buddies might be a wonderful foundation for a three-lesson sequence on friendship, regardless of if or not in Sunday faculty or kids’s sermons, utilizing these odd breaks within the narrative to differentiate the three classes:

  1. Understanding the names of the early church leaders as launched by Paul, and remembering that it wants numerous women and men (mates) to hold out collectively to guide the Church
  2. Discussing the actions that comprise friendship, which contains the strategies we reply when 1 distinct pal hurts or disappoints nonetheless another
  3. Highlighting the various items that all of us carry to friendship, utilizing the e-book’s epilogue about animal characters to rejoice each and every little one’s distinctive character and participation in neighborhood.

Paul and His Friends is a visible delight and a helpful instructional software, which will probably be an asset to numerous bookshelves in houses and church buildings!


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