Let’s Thank God For His Critically like. Let’s Reside To Please Him.


Psalm 103:1-22
the Lord’(1-two,20-22). Let’s reward Him for His ‘steadfast love’. He’s
‘abounding in steadfast love’(eight). How are we to reply to His
‘steadfast love’? Are we to say, ‘God loves me. I can do what I like’?
No! We now have to probably not really feel like this. We’re to not say, ‘I’ll protect on
sinning. God will protect on forgiving’(Romans six:1-two). God’s Phrase tells us
some issue actually numerous. Liked by God, we discover out to understand Him. When God’s
‘steadfast love’ has primarily touched our hearts, it alterations our lives.
That is the wonderful modify which the Psalmist has in ideas when he writes,
‘Because the heavens are larger above the earth, so wonderful is His steadfast recognize
towards these who be involved Him… The steadfast recognize of the Lord is from
eternal to eternal upon these who be involved Him’(11,17). Let’s thank
God for His recognize – and reside to please Him!

Psalm 104:1-35
will sing to the Lord all my life I’ll sing reward to my God as prolonged
as I dwell’(33). Do you severely actually really feel like supplying up? Different elements have gotten
rather a lot rather more very important to you. Worshipping the Lord is changing into pushed out to the
fringe of your life. Incorrect attitudes are creeping in. It begins with the
believed, ‘Worship’s simply an hour on a Sunday’. Then, it turns into, ‘I’ll
worship the Lord once I severely actually really feel prefer it’. It promptly turns into, ‘I’ll worship
the Lord once I’ve nothing in any respect in any respect superior to do’. Previous to prolonged, all need for
worshipping the Lord has gone! Compact-by-little, you might be drifting away
from the Lord. It’s time to begin off off pondering about what’s taking location. It’s
time for a brand new starting. It’s time for an ‘all my life’ dedication to
worshipping the Lord – not simply on a Sunday, not solely once I severely actually really feel like
it, not solely ‘when there’s nothing in any respect in any respect superior to do’!


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