Evil: Portion two


Welcome to a particular bonus episode of the Theology Nerd Podcast with the Dr. Tripp Fuller. It is a shorter Q&ampA episode, particularly precisely the place your pleasant, close by web theologian solutions points submitted by you.

On this episode, Tripp picks up particularly precisely the place he left off remaining time and addresses some extra points surrounding evil:

  • doesn’t the problem of evil alter all by means of scripture?
  • will not be there various solutions to it?
  • how does the transfer in the direction of monotheism in Judaism (to not point out Christian monotheism) alter our understanding of evil?

Tripp explains the problem of evil for monotheism in comparison with polytheism, how the question for a henotheistic idea of God shouldn’t be can you do a factor about evil, however will you, and the way a monotheistic idea of God widens the scope of the problem of evil to a cosmic scale.

Plus, what do you do with all the varied solutions the Bible provides? and what are we saying ‘no’ to after we affirm platitudes like, ‘God is in management’?

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