eight Contrasting Indicators of an Insecure Chief


Insecurity doesn’t normally present itself within the associated means. For varied folks, it looks as if anxiousness, nervousness, or timidity. However do you know that vanity, domineering, and fast-temperedness are additionally indicators of insecurity? (Each timidity and domination have at their roots a priority about handle.)

It’s value exploring, then, how intently linked reverse character traits or behavioral traits might effectively perhaps basically be. The next record of management traits consists of 4 units of two contrasting indicators, all of which—counterintuitive although it could effectively perhaps appear—reveal insecurity.

How have you learnt when a frontrunner in your church, office, or group is displaying deeper insecurity?

1. An insecure chief might effectively perhaps keep aggressive about different church buildings or organizations,


two. An insecure chief might effectively perhaps be jealous/terrified of different church buildings or organizations.

Some leaders attempt to keep in rivals with these who must be seen as companions or enhances to Christ’s mission of their communities. They’re normally mentioning the issues of different church buildings, the defificiencies of their leaders, touting their personal successes towards the others’ failures as an indication of how “we’re performing it appropriate.”

Different leaders see their personal setbacks and disappointments in distinction to the successes of different church buildings and produce an inferiority tough that solely feeds their jealousy or be involved of different church buildings “horning in” on their territory or “sucking up” all their sources or stealing their folks.

The problem with each of those approaches to different church buildings—each showboating pleasure and envious disgruntlement—is that each different church buildings and their leaders as rivals, as rivals for sector share, slightly than as companions in kingdom mission. A frontrunner safe within the gospel understands that no kingdom is larger than Christ’s, and {that a} win for any church is a win for Jesus and due to this fact a win for all.

3. An insecure chief belittles different leaders of their personal group,


4. An insecure chief is paranoid about different leaders of their personal group.

I attended a church following that went by means of a particular youth pastor each and each yr, a particular younger grownup pastor about as typically, and a string of ever-rotating instructing pastors. I later recognized it was for the reason that the lead pastor was so insecure, as swiftly as he started to sense that another chief or different ministry was escalating in recognition, he noticed them as a menace to himself and the weekend service and removed them. This energy transfer is extraordinarily loads a mark of real insecurity.

And we see this insecurity within the two contrasting dysfunctions of leaders apprehensive concerning the affect or enchancment of different leaders about them. Anytime one specific distinctive is commonly insulting, poking, and even sarcastically digging at however yet one more chief, it’s virtually actually an indication of insecurity. The opposite chief might effectively perhaps even be an organizational inferior, but when the numerous chief is uncomfortable by their affect and perceives it as a price ticket to his personal, you might effectively perhaps discover out him buying methods to take the subordinate “down a handful of notches.”

However the associated is appropriate not simply of the facility transfer of belittling however the passive transfer of paranoia. Protected leaders don’t be concerned concerning the affect achieved or the accolades earned by different leaders, regardless of whether or not or not friends or staff. They know a win for a frontrunner is a win for the group. They don’t see the items, successes, or recognition of different leaders as a menace, for the reason that they’ve the self-self-assurance of Christ’s gospel.

5. An insecure chief micro-manages his group,


six. An insecure chief is passive along with his group.

Each overbearing micro-management and hands-off passivity, though behavioral opposites, are indicators of insecure management. How?

Micro-management is how a frontrunner exhibits he doesn’t belief his group to function of their personal items and aptitudes—and, curiously enough, it additionally exhibits how a frontrunner doesn’t his belief his personal picks in enlisting and organizing a gaggle competent enough to hold out the duties forward of them. If you don’t belief your group to hold out properly, it’s for the reason that within the end you doubt your personal functionality to go for the acceptable folks.

I recall a handful of conditions listening to some complaints from dad and mom about youth leaders. The complaints had nothing in any respect in any respect to do with unfavorable instructing or immoral conduct and even immaturity. The complaints have been solely about logistical picks and the like.

As a guardian of youth, I’m sympathetic to the need that our college students get hold of prime-higher-high-quality ministry within the church. As a pastor, nonetheless, I’m sympathetic to the truth that ministers are sometimes topic to an inordinate amount of steering and acrimony, nearly all of which must by no signifies be voiced. So I refused to take these complaints to the youth chief. It was not my job to micro-manage him. I didn’t need to spot any specific particular person in any place of obligation with out having the need of authority much more than their duties. I wished to belief them, but additionally my (and the church’s) authentic affirmation of them as a frontrunner. Can we belief them? That was the underside line. I wished to belief them until they gave me a fairly nice goal to not. Simply as I need the associated for me.

However, if I by no signifies endorsed the leaders underneath me, by no signifies coached them, directed them, gave them perception, let my affect roll downhill, and so forth, I’m performing them an equally terrible disservice. Leaders who’re passive about their groups are ineffective and, by definition, failures as leaders, for the reason that the essence of management is affect. A passive chief is in a way a contradiction in phrases, or they’re at the least a frontrunner who’s a frontrunner in title solely. Leaders conceal behind their titles, working as figureheads, once they fail to have interaction these about them, to ask for suggestions and enter, to provoke collaboration, or to share each the burdens and privileges of their place. This can be a assured signal of insecurity for the reason that it implies the chief doesn’t belief different leaders to permit and for the reason that the chief fears providing up a way of handle or recognition.

7. An insecure chief is self-reverential,


eight. An insecure chief is self-pitying.

That is virtually actually the starkest distinction. Some leaders like themselves means additionally loads, recognize their personal notoriety additionally loads, wish to see themselves within the highlight additionally loads, and virtually ponder of themselves within the third particular person. Different leaders are normally placing themselves down, hobbling their personal affect with much more than-sharing transparency, undercutting their personal self-respect with pathological self-deprecation, or simply the management equal of Debbie Downer.

Each extremes are indicators of insecurity, for the reason that the self-reverential chief craves the highlight as a panacea to his personal be involved of insignificance and the self-pitying chief is discovering defensive to self-shield towards his personal be involved of insignificance. Oddly enough, each behavioral extremes are fairly self-centered. We’ve perhaps all encountered the sad-sack character in tiny teams or Sunday faculty lessons who appears to suck up all of the emotional and relational vitality of the excellent group each and each week with their problems or fears. That is as loads a prideful self-centering because the boastful jerk who’s normally jockeying for focus. And it’s simply as loads a present of insecurity.

So what’s the antidote? How will we normalize our management away from extremes? Supernaturally, it begins with a re-centering of our id about Christ. Solely the safety we discover out in his gospel—the place sinners are justified freely without end, united to Christ to be seated with him within the heavenly areas in each and each second, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to obey God and bear godly fruit—can permit us battle the insecurities of the flesh, regardless of whether or not or not they manifest themselves in aggression or passivity, vanity or false humility.

The treatment for insecure management is the management of Jesus.


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