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Rev. Vincent Harris is an elder within the Texas Annual Convention, presently serving at Journey of Religion United Methodist Church. He’s a licensed Christian Educator within the UMC. Beneath are his closing remarks from the CEF 2016 Convention. Slides from  this presentation may very well be discovered within the member part of the web site.

This season of Pentecost, is a season for the church to be on hearth. That they had been talked about, as individuals lately who gave the impression to be drunk, however not possessing a factor however the Holy Spirit of God shifting them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not understood or appreciated as a Christian Educator. You might be dwelling out your presents within the Spirit. There’ll generally be a specific one who will attempt to throw water in your hearth. You might be specific and your spirit is a single that’s anointed by and with the ability of God for a glorious life.

The prophet Joel said that within the closing days, God will pour out on all flesh [not just leading pastors, or lay leaders, big name, big givers, church pillars, leading families, but all flesh; not just young adults, children, and the seasoned adults, but all flesh, not just the rich, the educated, the privileged, the mighty, the talented, but all flesh] and your little children shall prophesy and your younger males [and women] shall see visions and your previous males [and women] shall dream desires…It shall come to cross that whosoever shall get in contact with upon the identify of the Lord shall be saved.

If the planet has any religion it require to come back from the precise, related instructing neighborhood that’s stuffed with individuals lately with a imaginative and prescient for making radical alterations within the lives of different individuals as Jesus did.

Encourage the dwelling religion (which whosoeer get, the witness in themselves which have consciously consider), religion that conquers all, and doth the mountain transfer, and saves who eer on Jesus get in contact with, and perfects them in adore.

If the planet has any hope it require to come back from the precise, related nurturing neighborhood that fills the individuals lately of God with the Spirit of God that speaks fact to energy and heals damaged lives –with out apology

If the planet has any adore it require to come back from the precise related praying neighborhood that’s stuffed with individuals lately who’ve peace of their hearts, compassion of their souls, and a Spirit of life that may not be quenched.

John Bunyan proper after noticed in a imaginative and prescient a person throwing water on a flame of fireplace and having stated that the flame continued to burn. He questioned the way it might maintain on burning, until he noticed there was a specific individual behind the door pouring oil on the flame.

I’m so glad that when this planet tries to drown out our Christian schooling fires, the Holy Spirit is there to carry pouring oil on the flame.

Usually I really actually really feel discouraged and it appears my performs and my dwelling is in useless, however then the Holy Spirit revives my soul when much more.

There’s a Balm in Gilead, to make the wounded entire, there’s a Balm In  Gilead to heal the sin-sick soul.

So I’ve present in moments of testing and trial to wish just like the hymn author,

Is not going to you pray with me:

Spirit of the dwelling God fall afresh on me

Spirit of the dwelling God fall afresh on me

soften me, mildew me, fill me, use me.

Spirit of the Dwelling God fall afresh on me.


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