The Hidden Which means Behind Prayer Flags


Just appreciate prayer flags for becoming the simplest spiritual devices, propelled by the organic power of the wind. Contrary to well-known misconceptions, prayer flags are not meant to carry an individual’s prayers to the Gods. This is how they essentially function –prayer flags have mantras, prayers, and auspicious symbols on them. These represent spiritual energies and vibrations, which get activated when they make speak to with the wind. These fantastic vibrations are then carried by the wind, bestowing the blessing of happiness, compassion, wisdom, well being and fantastic fortune on to all these it touches. So the individual who ties them is essentially sending prayers and blessings out to other sentient beings. Undoubtedly the most attractive, selfless, silent, and secular sacred systems for collective fantastic will and blessings.



The flag in the pic is a Lung-ta. It has the symbol of Wind Horse, which according to Tibetan Buddhism represents fantastic fortune, increases life force energies, and possibilities that make factors go nicely. From a additional philosophical viewpoint, it is symbolic of the thoughts as a automobile that can be ridden upon. It represents that if we can manage our thoughts, then the wind can guide us towards any path, and at any speed that we want. The neigh of a horse is symbolic of our innate energy to really awaken our thoughts, via the practice of dharma. You can find out additional about prayer flags in my earlier post


While the hidden which means behind prayer flags is pretty profound, off late they appear to have turn out to be somewhat of a trendy decoration piece, and several folks are mindlessly hanging them in automobiles, inside properties and other closed spaces.  I’ve even noticed them inside a toilet. Undertaking this completely defeats the objective of the flag, as it under no circumstances gets activated by organic breeze or wind, nor does it each and every finish up carrying the blessing to a variety of sentient beings, across all realms if existence. Also, several prayers becoming sold on-line, in malls and flea markets, that once more, function nicely for the straightforward purpose of decoration, but have no other significance whatsoever. So, if you are definitely interested in placing prayer flags as an providing of appreciate, compassion, wisdom and wellbeing to other sentient becoming, do your study just before getting and placing up your flags. Place them outdoors, ideally as higher as probable, and in a the windiest location you have. Spread the blessings, and gather fantastic karma. A single can under no circumstances have sufficient of that 🙂








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