Current reports have warned of the impossibility of safeguarding the British coastline from an encroaching sea. “We can not win the war on water”, one particular scientist stated.

The forecast is an extraordinary description of our island becoming smaller sized as its edges are eroded, and even internal rivers swelling to such an extent that flood plains are subsumed and millions of properties develop into uninhabitable as a outcome of the force of nature, and of water. For decades, flood defences have been erected ever larger to hold back the sea and the rivers, but decade just after decade they prove useless for the process. We can not win a war on water.

It is a sign of the arrogance of our human race that we think such a war can be won by way of experimentation, self-belief and wish. We have shaped our nation and our waterways to accommodate our desires and perceived requires: we have reduce down trees that protected against flooding, we have widened and straightened rivers, we have destroyed riverbanks and their protective all-natural habitats, and we have poisoned our waters with pesticides, plastics and recreational drugs. It is not surprising that the Spirit of Water is protesting. She has had sufficient.

The challenge lies not just in the UK but in just about every nation in the planet exactly where dams have been constructed, streams have been constructed on, rivers diverted or forced underground, and coastlines altered for improvement or tourism, with a concomitant influence on the wildlife that make sure the waters are wholesome and the lands protected.

How can it be that, at a time of declared national emergency regarding flooding and climate adjust, most farmers refuse to adjust their destructive industrial-scale approaches of meals production, resist vigorously the introduction of flood-stopping beavers, and insist on the have to have for pesticides? How can it be that builders nonetheless are permitted to create on flood plains, and without the need of the advisable flood prevention measures? How can it be that the Could government, currently, ignores the most up-to-date warning report from the Atmosphere Agency, preferring to “gather its personal evidence” in the autumn? How can it be that governments planet-wide show no leadership to insist upon a new strategy – even though of course it is not new, just forgotten?

I reside in mid-Wales, with a huge river and ancient mountains all about me. Several of the good stones I discover beneath the earth have scrapes and scratches on them from glaciers, and some are rounded from millennia of becoming washed by water. This location when was covered in water, aspect of a good sea of which the river is the final reminder. I know that one particular day the water meadows I see just about every day lying in between the curves of the winding Wye opposite my windows will when once again be a sheet of water, reclaimed by the river, an inland sea. No-one particular will be in a position to quit this force of nature, as so numerous occasions man has attempted.

It is time to perform with the water and not against it: substantially can be carried out sympathetically and sensibly to safeguard houses and encourage all-natural strategies to strengthen river banks and trap water exactly where it requires to be. Nature will aid itself and us if we let it to.

We can not win a war on water, a war which completely is of our creation. Water is our pal, and there is nothing at all to worry for our future.