Lal Kitab Remedy to Fulfil a Tricky Want or Wish


In this post, I have described a really valuable and helpful Totka or Paranormal Remedy from the Lal Kitab that is practiced for fulfilling a want or need that is not receiving fulfilled or which the practitioner is locating really challenging to fulfill.  The approach of practicing this Kathin or Tricky Manokamna Purti Upay is really uncomplicated and uncomplicated.

This Totka has to be practiced by following the uncomplicated process offered beneath.
1] The Totka has to be practiced only on a Thursday and the practitioner must have a bath and preferably put on clean yellow colored garments, although practicing this Want Fulfillment Totka.

two] The practitioner has to take seven Sticks of Haldi or Turmeric and seven pieces of Gud or Jaggery in equal quantity and a a single rupee coin and then wrap these 3 things in a yellow colored piece of cloth to make a tiny bundle.

Manokamna Purti Upay from the Lal Kitab

If you do not reside in India, you can replace the a single rupee coin with a coin from your nation.

three] Then, the practitioner has to go to a railway line and stand on a single side of the railway line and say a tiny prayer – My [amuk] want must be fulfilled. The word amuk must be replaced by the precise want or need, which the practitioner wishes to be fulfilled.

four] Then, the practitioner must throw the bundle on the other side of the railway line and turn back go back to his house without the need of crossing the railway line.

This is a really intriguing Totka that has been attributed to the Lal Kitab, but the Totka does not seem to be ancient or from the middle ages simply because the use of a railway line has been prescribed for practicing this Totka.

It is most most likely that the individual who initially practiced the Totka identified it really helpful in fulfilling a want or need that was not receiving fulfilled and attributed it to the Lal Kitab or the Totka is a modified version of yet another equivalent Totka from the Lal Kitab.

The Hindi language video of this Want or Wish Fulfilling Lal Kitab Totka can be observed on our YouTube Channel –

Notes- A lot of intriguing Tone, Totke and Upay from the Lal Kitab can be observed in the section on – Paranormal Treatments from the Lal Kitab

This Totka must be practiced only when for each and every precise want or need. If you practice this Totka, then kindly share your experiences with other readers of this web-site.


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