More than the final 3 weeks, I dished out the meat and potatoes of what produced for a workshop that I presented a conference close to my church. (Click right here if you’d like a PDF of the notes.)

I know I mentioned it was a 3-aspect series, but I believed it would be useful to give a fourth aspect to colour among the lines of what was offered. What follows beneath is a recap of every of the ten principles that had been offered more than the final couple of weeks, illustrated by a Paul/Timothy connection that the Lord has offered to me.

When studying for my presentation, I wrote this this section of notes final simply because I did not want to view my study of Scripture by way of the eyes of my personal knowledge. Immediately after finishing my study of Paul and Timothy and coming to my conclusions, I believed I’d appear at my personal life to see if these principles had been accurate in my personal lfie. I can say they had been, and I hope the Lord makes use of me to repeat for other people what I skilled as a Timothy with my personal Paul.

  1. Be the type of man that younger males would want to stick to.

As a teenager, I try to remember listening to a pastor preach with passion at a camp exactly where I was operating as operational employees. He mentioned what he meant, and meant what he mentioned. I was generally pleased to stick to that type of preaching. I was basically away from the Lord at the time, but tiny did I know how the Lord would use his preaching in relation to future choices I would have to make.

  1. Minister to the entire loved ones.

Although we lived in a further state, my father knew who this pastor was, and when offered the chance as a Bible important in college to intern at his church 1 summer time and then once again for a lengthy-term internship throughout seminary, my father heartily suggested me to go there. All I knew of his church at the time was that their preacher preached properly and that they had two significant blue and white buses that they sent each summer time to the camp that I previously pointed out. When I had to figure out a church for an internship, I named his church thanks to a list of churches in my college’s ministerial workplace simply because it was the only church on the list that I knew something about. My dad knew far more, and my heavenly Father was directing it all.

  1. Be faithful more than time to improve your possibilities for discipling younger males.

As this pastor was faithful in his ministry more than time, the Lord unexpectedly opened the door for me to be below his leadership. His church and ministry had grown, producing improved internship possibilities readily available to guys like me.

  1. Intentionally disciple young males who will respond to your discipleship.

Becoming a summer time intern was 1 point for a church to manage, but not absolutely everyone gets hired as lengthy-term employees. When the chance arose for me to come back once again when attending seminary, the pastor and the church kindly took me back, understanding my want to be there and understand from him and the other pastors.

  1. Involve younger males in your ministry.

When I did not have the maturity to manage counseling and church difficulties myself, my pastor often took time to answer my lots of concerns about some of the items he was facing and how he resolved circumstances. He involved me as substantially as my maturity permitted, which aids me as a pastor to this day.

  1. Show younger males Christian enjoy.

Most guys are not rapid to even say in some Christian way, “I enjoy you,” but it is apparent when Christian affection is present. Time spent, counsel supplied, patience with youthful zeal, and rebukes gently or indirectly given—these kindnesses and lots of other people could be listed as to how I knew my pastor loved me in Christ.

  1. As soon as a younger man is accountable adequate, give him tasks of his personal.

I was offered possibilities to preach, teach, and clean the toilets, amongst a hundred other items. I at some point became the Christian school’s dean of students and began dealing with parents. The church ordained me to be an assistant pastor. My pastor referred counseling circumstances to me on occasion. Getting these tasks encouraged me to do properly with what was placed ahead of me.

  1. If required, encourage other people to let the younger males serve.

I am certain there had been far more “give the kid a chance” conversations behind the scenes than I know about (and I’m particular that some took spot). My pastor’s recommendation was crucial for me in coming to my present church. A lot of possibilities to minister would in no way have been had without the need of his encouragement to other people.

  1. Teach younger males the Word of God, encourage them to uphold it, and warn them of what takes place need to they fail.

We had males my age who had been at our church stroll away from our circles at the least and from the faith at the most. In discussing these items with my pastor as they came up, it was the final point I preferred to ever have him even assume that I would do 1, let alone the other.

  1. Keep in mind, younger males will disciple younger males just as you discipled them.

An assistant at my personal church not too long ago moved on, but when he was with us, I just did with him for 4 years what my pastor had completed with me. There’s commonly not a week or two that go by in which my assistant does not text me about anything he is performing in ministry or finding out in seminary. I’m no one unique, but I invested in him, just like I was taught. It apparently produced adequate of an influence for him to nevertheless want to inform me about the fascinating items that the Lord is performing in his life.


Without the need of doubt, numerous other people invested in me, assisting me to be the Christian I am currently. I assume of my personal father, mother, and brothers who often admonished me by way of their instance and their words. Pastors, teachers, good friends, and others—who could count them all? What ever could be mentioned of my personal life, at least try to remember what we’ve observed in the connection among Paul and Timothy. As you are capable, understand from them and disciple younger males!

David Huffstutler

About David Huffstutler

David pastors Initial Baptist Church in Rockford, IL, serves as a chaplain for his nearby police division, and teaches as adjunct faculty at Bob Jones University. David holds a Ph. D. in Applied Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His concentration in Christian Leadership focuses his contributions to pastoral and sensible theology.